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Top 5 Musical Cities every Travel-lover must Visit

Life can be a really rough road sometimes, lined with obstacles and paved with disappointments. Yet, in our bleakest moments, we can always count on two things to rescue us from our pain; music and travel. While music soothes our perturbed souls, travel soothes our restless senses. Melody acts like a balm, calming inner conflict and movement acts like medicine, easing nervous energy. That is why we gravitate towards these two happiness-giving activities when we feel like we’ve reached the end of our tether.

If we enjoy music and travel so much, imagine what it would be like to combine both these activities, i.e., what if we traveled to a musical destination, where we get to explore the scenic sights around while enjoying upbeat, uplifting music! This would be that one unforgettable trip both travel junkies and music lovers would dig. Excited about setting off on such a trip? Here are 5 musical destinations you must travel too!


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We’ve all heard of Havana beats and Havana nights. Take a trip to this foot-tapping city to experience firsthand the scintillating rhythm of Latin American music. Salsa and rumba lovers can shake a leg in almost any bustling bar or cosy cafe as Latin American music dominates the music scene here. Visit Havana’s historic music halls and clubs to witness the evolution and growth of Cuban music. While you’re at it, don’t forget to gorge on delicious Cuban cuisine and watch a caberet-espectáculos!


From progressive electro clubs to soulful jazz cafes, Berlin offers music lovers a wide range of genres to snap your fingers to. Proudly regarded as Europe’s finest music capitals, Berlin is awash with cafes and clubs blasting House and Techno beats, Indie Rock, Alt Punk and even Northern Soul tunes. Apart from this, there is also the music of local artists that is worth listening to. As you treat your senses to this throbbing mix of beats and melodies, do set some time apart to delve in Berlin’s rich history and cultural traditions.


The Vengaboys got it absolutely right when they said “We’re going to Ibiza! We’re going to have a party!” Because that is what Ibiza is perfect for; fun, festivity, food and of course, euphoric music. Dotted with people-packed beach bars, open-air clubs and live music venues, you’re sure to enjoy the riotous nightlife here. The best part is that many talented DJs have their own clubs and treat the eager listeners to new tracks and creations in house, trance and techno genres. While you’re in this carefree city, don’t forget to gorge on delicious sea food and indulge in some adventurous water sports.

Known as the melting pot of cultures, New York’s music scene too is as rich and varied as its population. From jazz to house to techno to Latin American to pop, there isn’t a single genre New York has closed its doors on. It has also been the birthplace of several genres like bebop, punk and disco. Thriving with clubs and dance halls, this city that never sleeps will keep you up all night, dancing and swaying the hours away!


A city revered by beat generation poets, Memphis is synonymous with soul and rock and roll music. Several famous musicians like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Otis Redding launched their careers here. It isn’t surprising then, that even today; melodious blues rhythms can be heard emanating from almost every roadside cafe or pub. But if you’ve started to believe that this is the only kind of music Memphis has to offer, hold your horses, because this city also has a hot and happening contemporary music scene with great bands performing at various live music clubs.

Well, now that you know which cities to head to, pack your bags and get ready to make a trip there, without further ado! Happy journeying!


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