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5 Skin Care Tips you must follow while exercising

Most women today have moved on from being figure conscious to becoming health conscious, and this is a great move. As a result, we damsels no longer rely on torturous crash diets to help us shed those extra pounds but prefer sweating them away in a gym or at a Zumba class. On the plus side, gymming is a healthier option. On the flip side, however, all the exertion causes us to perspire and this leads to a lot of skin problems like breakouts, allergies and prickly heat. Does that mean we quit extending our gym memberships and fall back on crash diets?

No, of course not! Instead, we should work towards setting up a hygienic skin care routine, one that helps us fight sweat-related skin problems and allows us to continue ploughing on at the gym. Here are a few skin care pointers to help you take care of your skin better even as you pant and puff at the gym.


Image courtesy: livestrong

Shower before you hit the gym:

Most people don’t think it necessary to bathe before exercising and would rather religiously bathe after hitting the gym. However, bathing before you start gymming helps wash of the layer of dust and dirt that forms on your body as you commute to the gym. If you don’t wash off this layer, the dust and dirt will mix with your sweat as you exercise and end up blocking your pores. This will eventually lead to the formation of acne. So, don’t forget to take a quick shower before you pump some muscle.

Dress right:

Wearing the right attire while exercising is extremely important because, by wearing the right kind of fabric you can prevent sweat build-up and give your skin a chance to breathe. Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or nylon blends. Avoid cotton clothing at all costs because cotton absorbs sweat and traps moisture. Also, wear well-fitting garments that don’t rub against and irritate your skin while you exercise.

Avoid skin contact with gym mats and other shared equipment:

Gym mats are soaked in other people’s sweat and germs and you don’t want your skin to come into contact with bad stuff like that, right? So, avoid exercising on a bare mat. Always place a clean towel over the mat before lying on it. Similarly, wipe gym equipment with a towel before using it. This way you’ll prevent your hands from getting soiled and reduce the risk of contaminating your skin every time you touch your face with your hands.

Wash up after exercising:

After you’re done with your workout, wash off the sweat by going in for a long shower. Use a gentle body cleansing gel to thoroughly cleanse your pores. Cleanse your face well too using a good face wash. However, avoid using very hot water as this will not only scald your skin but also rob it off moisture. After you’ve finished showering, wipe yourself dry and then slather on some moisturizing lotion to replenish the moisture lost due to sweating.

Use a clean set of clothes, towels, etc:

Although you might feel really lazy to search for that clean T-shirt or pair of socks, don’t be tempted to use yesterday’s soiled clothes. Wearing dirty clothes will increase the chances of you developing an infection or rash. So, always select a fresh set of clothes each day to wear to the gym. The same rule applies for towels. Although you might not be able to switch towels daily, make sure that you don’t use the same towel for too long. Use tissues in place of a hand towel on days when you don’t have a clean towel to carry along.

With these tips, you’re sure to enjoy problem-free skin no matter how strenuous your exercises are. Take care of your health and your skin!

Well, these were skin care tips to follow when you exercise. But, wouldn’t we like to enjoy beautiful skin all the time? So, what should we do to get that healthy, glowing complexion? These skin care tips can help you get that much-desired rosy complexion: Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin


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