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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts your Lady will Love

If  your girlfriend/fiance/wife hasn’t yet made it amply clear, women love gifts and they expect to be surprised with them when occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and especially, Valentine’s Day pop up. There, now that you’ve confronted the harsh truth, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to present your lady love with this Valentine’s Day, right? Well, fret not, for this article will surely prove to be educational and inspirational. Here are 5 items your partner is sure to love receiving on Valentine’s Day. So, go ahead and pick these out and sweep your lady off her feet with your creativity and thoughtfulness!

A ’50 reasons why I love you’ collage:

Women love to have their egos flattered. Besides, they really don’t shy away from mushy messages and corny sayings. On the contrary, they find it quite cute. So, don’t hold back when it comes to penning down some really sentimental reasons. Use colorful chart paper, ribbons and other embellishments to create the collage.


Image courtesy: artfulcrafts.blogspot

An engraved bracelet:

Women love jewelry. So, this is a gift your partner will surely love. However, don’t gift her a regular bracelet, personalize it by engraving a special message on it so that she knows how much you love her.


Image courtesy: niciart

A chocolate filled treat bag:

Women love chocolates and on Valentine’s Day, your lady love really won’t mind cheating on her diet. So, select her favourite chocolates (lots of them) and fill up a cute bag (or many bags) with your selections. You could also attach a cute note on every chocolate wrapper so that your partner has a surprise message waiting for her with ever chocolate she picks up.


Image courtesy: foodfamily.wordpress


Gifting a woman with perfume can never go out of style. Women love perfumes because it makes them feel sensuous and confident. Make your woman feel good about herself by gifting her an expensive perfume. Besides, it’ll be something that is sure to delight both of you’ll.

The Body Shop offers a range of exquisite perfumes for women with wonderful aromas. Check out these perfumes here: perfumes for women


Image courtesy: indianbeautycentral.blogspot


Women can never have enough of these. You won’t believe it, but even though we have 6 pairs of heels in the shoe racks, we’ll still complain that we don’t have enough shoes. It’s not that we’re greedy individuals; it’s just that we’re firm believers in the adage ‘Variety is the Spice of Life.’ So, gift her a pair of heels that she’s been eyeing for a while or a pair that goes perfectly with her favourite dress.


Image courtesy: fanpop

Well, now that you know which gifts are sure to melt your Valentine’s heart, go ahead and splurge some money. After all, money can’t buy love, but it can surely help you demonstrate your love!


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