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5 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Man

Gifting men is always a tricky business and most of us tend to stick to the usual shirt-belt-wallet-shoes options. However, since it is Valentine’s Day we’re talking about here, it’s time we got more creative with our gifts. Spice up your Valentines’ Valentine’s Day by gifting him something that is unique, meaningful and shows that you understand him well, quirks, kinks, hobbies and all. Here are 5 such gifts that are sure to put a 100 Watt Smile on his face.

Beer bouquets

Women fancy bouquets, men surely don’t. But, beer bouquets, now that’s a totally different story. If you’re wondering what a beer bouquet is? Well, it’s quite like a regular bouquet, only, beer bottles replace flowers. (If your male isn’t into ale, opt for whiskey or rum bottles instead.) You could also stick self-made labels with cute messages on each bottle for a personalized touch.


Image courtesy: homestoriesatoz

Engraved guitar picks

If your man is into music, this gift is perfect for him. Unique guitar picks is something every guitarist loves to have. Besides, picks tend to get lost easily, so your man will never have too many of these. To make things special, get your or his initials engraved on the pick. Or you could inscribe the date and day you’ll first met or shared a kiss (If you remember stuff like this.)


Image courtesy: girlshue


This is a gift that is sure to benefit you both, and spice things up in your relationship. Gift him a really expensive perfume, one with an intense, sexy aroma. Keep in mind his taste while selecting a perfume though. Ask him to squirt on your gift before you head out for your Valentine’s Day date.

The Body Shop has a range of perfumes and deodorants with amazing fragrances. Gift him with one of these perfumes for men, for he’s sure to love them!


Image courtesy: fashionsmarter

Creative bottle openers

All men are still boys at heart and they love these little tools that help them do fun things, or, well, show off in front of their friends. Gift your special someone a bottle opener shaped like a ring or a superhero or a spanner and see your man’s face light up with a big, boyish grin.


Image courtesy:

Road maps, Travel books

So your man is a travel buff? Help him plan his next road trip well by gifting him a map or a book that lists out the best things to do, places to stay at and foods to try out in the place he wants to visit. You could also mark a spot on the map and tell your man that you would like to go there with him. Put your heads together and plan a nice romantic holiday for yourselves!


Image courtesy: telegraph

Enjoy a fun-filled, love-filled Valentine’s Day!


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