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10 Fun Things to do during Winter

Winter is a wonderful season. The chilly winds make us want to curl up indoors and immerse ourselves in our favourite pastimes. The lucky school and college goers get vacations while the rest of us apply for that glorious, albeit, difficult to get thing called leave. This season also brings with it two fun-filled festivals; Christmas and New Year’s Eve. On the whole, it is quite a delightful spell.

However, too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing and so, many days of cold and having to stay indoors can make us a little grumpy. Don’t sulk yet dearies, because here are 10 things that you can do to make stay-at-home time fun! Indulge in these enjoyable activities and wave good riddance to the blues!


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Enjoy a Cup of Hot Chocolate/Coffee:

You’re never too old for a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Spend time brewing your coffee and put some effort into preparing that delicious cup of hot chocolate. It’ll not only help you kill time but you’ll also have a delicious mug of coffee or hot chocolate to sip on and warm you.

Snuggle up with your special someone/friend and Watch a Favourite Movie:

This is one of my favourite winter to-do things. Pop a tub of buttery pop corn, jump into bed, snuggle against your special someone and watch your all-time favourite movie. Don’t be upset if you don’t have that much talked about “special someone,” call on your bestie and have a blast!

Make Soup/Spicy Snacks and enjoy them Piping Hot

Cooking is a very therapeutic pastime. The colourful ingredients, the delicious aromas and the hard work can actually make you feel positive and happy. So, spend some time next to the stove (the warmth will do you good too) and cook up some spicy snacks to munch on or some soup to feed away the flu.

Pull on your Woollies and enjoy a walk outdoors

Well, this is obviously not something you can do indoors, but it is still as much fun. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of exercise and fresh air to uplift your spirits. So, pull on your soft woollies and head for a slow stroll outdoors. Take your iPod or camera to make your walk more interesting.

Splurge on an expensive winter item like that faux-fur coat or sexy knee-high boots

Retail therapy, although it leaves you slightly poorer than before, definitely leaves you happier! So, go out there and splurge on that expensive, extremely chic coat you’ve always wanted to buy or those designer shoes you’ve been eyeing for a while.

Call friends over and enjoy a night IN instead of a night out

Night outs are fun. You hit the trendiest clubs; you burn the dance floor with your moves and you get happy-high on lots and lots of alcohol. But, don’t underestimate the fun one can derive from hosting a party indoors. Yes, especially those one’s you have in pyjamas! So, call up your friends, order food online and get out those crazy party games like twister, Voodoo, etc and have a fun-filled night indoors!

Bunk a Day

Well, if you haven’t taken those much needed leaves yet, it’s time you bunked a day. Besides, there’s nothing more wonderful than a mid-week holiday, right? So, call up your boss now and let him know that you can’t make it to work because you’ve been afflicted by the deadliest, most contagious cold! (And then enjoy your day doing fun stuff!)

Turn on the heater and enjoy a Popsicle indoors

So it’s winter and you’re constantly being advised to stay away from ice creams and other delicious cold things, and you pay heed to this restrictive advise because you’re scared of falling ill. Why not try something different then? Like keeping yourself warm by turning the heater on and then enjoying a cold, crackling popsicle!

Make a snowman/snow angel/skate

Not all of us are lucky enough to experience snowfall. So, if you are, make sure you spend sufficient time playing in the snow. Make a snowman, or many snowmen and don’t forget to throw yourself down and make a perfectly-shaped snow angel. Also, skate. You don’t have to form perfect figure eights, even straight-line skating is fun!

Donate old sweaters/warm clothes to the less fortunate

Making others happy can make you happy. So, spread some cheer among the less fortunate by donating your old sweaters and warm clothes. You could even play Santa and gift at least two kids new sweaters on Christmas. The smile on their faces will make you feel a million times better!

Well, with these 10 things to keep you occupied during the winter, I’m sure there’s never going to be a boring moment! Have a food-filled, fun-filled winter!


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