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8 Elegant Living Room Color Scheme Ideas

Most of us are very particular about the decor of our living room because, firstly, it is the room in which we spend most of our time in and secondly, it is the first room that is thrown open to inspection when a guest steps in. Hence, we need to put in careful thought when deciding upon color combinations for the living room. However, one does not always have to resort to tried and tested combinations to get appealing results. Some fresh combinations can look great too. Here are 8 such color combinations and decor ideas you can try out to glam up your interiors:


This vibrant color is perfect for brightening up your interiors. You can either paint all your walls in this shade or if that seems like a little too much yellow in a single room, accent a single wall with this color. Opt for light-colored furniture to add a touch of subtlety.


Image courtesy: hamstersphere.blogspot


This shade needn’t be reserved for the bedroom as it’s a great shade to color your living room with too. A rich, intense but mellow shade, it creates a warm, cosy ambiance indoors. Compliment your walls with beige, camel or taupe furniture.

furniture depot

Image courtesy: furniture depot


A striking, vibrant shade, it might be a little overwhelming to paint all your walls in this shade. So, select one wall you wish to highlight and paint it in the eye-catching shade. Paint the rest of the walls in muted hues. A wooden flooring will add a warm atmosphere to the room.


Image courtesy: homerevo


A warm, earthy hue, you can never go wrong with this color. Select a lighter shade of brown for your walls and opt for dark brown furniture to add dimension to the room. White upholstery will add a sophisticated touch to the room.

pinterest 2

Image courtesy: pinterest


Another bright, peppy shade, this is a great color for an accent wall. Rich, brown upholstery will offset the walls beautifully.


Image courtesy: vizimac


This color might seem like a boring choice, but it is not. Subtle but beautiful, grey creates a clean, spacious and stylish ambiance indoors. White upholstery and furniture will infuse an elegant, chic appeal.


Image courtesy: pinterest


Want to feel like you’re in the midst of nature? Painting your indoors green might be a good idea then. Stick to earthy tones when decorating the room to heighten the nature-inspired feel.


Image courtesy: homedit


This calming color never fails to create a soothing, peaceful ambiance indoors. Almost any shade of blue looks good so go ahead and pick up a shade you like. Add texture to the room by adding dark hued furniture and white or cream upholstery.


Image courtesy: studioaflo

Hope these combinations have inspired you to try something creative in your living room! British Paints offers a range of interior emulsions for your walls. These paints are easy to apply, have exquisite finishes and last for a long, long time.


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