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Top 5 Winter Skin Problems and How to Deal with Them

Winter is a tricky season. The drop in temperature comes as a welcome change after the hot and sticky October heat, but, at the same time, the icy bite in the air dries out our skin and ushers in a host of dry skin problems. No matter how many layers we slip on, our skin still gets really dry and itchy. So, how do we withstand the cold without having to deal with these painful dry skin woes? Fret not, my dearies, for there is a way. Here are 5 common winter skin problems most of us face along with remedies and solutions to deal with these problems. Follow these pearls of wisdom to enjoy a skin problem-free winter.


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Lackluster complexion:

Let’s admit it; our skin doesn’t really glow in winter. More often than not, it seems quite dull and pale. This is because our skin gets really dry in winter and dry skin doesn’t look good or feel good to the touch. So, how do we get that glow back on our faces?

Solution: Exfoliation comes in handy here. It helps scrub of layers of dead skin and this itself brings the shine back to your face. Apart from this, consume lots of water. This is something we stop doing in winter because of the fall in temperature. But, don’t forget to consume those 8 glasses even if you don’t perspire much. Also, use creamy products as these moisturize your skin better and for longer.

Itchy, dandruff-ridden scalp:

Another embarrassing problem we face during the winters is that of a dry, itchy scalp with lots of dandruff. Very often, a dry scalp results in dandruff formation, or it could also be due to a fungal infection. Either way, dandruff is an annoying problem that should be dealt with quickly. Here’s how to do it:

Solution: Warm oil massages are extremely beneficial. Mix together a bit of castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil and massage your scalp with this potent mixture. Let the oil soak in overnight and wash your hair the next day with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. After you’ve washed off the shampoo and conditioner, rinse your scalp with diluted apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar.

Dry, reptilian skin:

Dry skin is problematic, but when those reptilian marks begin to appear, our skin starts looking ugly too. You’ll most find these marks on your calves and arms generally, because, your arms and legs have fewer oil glands and so they become drier, and consequently, scalier than other body parts.

Solution: Thorough moisturization is the best solution for this problem. Use milk and honey based creams and body lotions as these ingredients enrich and soften skin. Milk is an effective moisturizer so consume lots of it as it’ll do your body and skin good. Also, adding two cups of skimmed milk to your bath water will help hydrate and soften skin while bathing. Remember to avoid hot showers, no matter how tempted you are, as hot water will only dry out your skin further.

Chapped lips:

Chapped lips can be very painful. Every time you smile or sometimes, even when you speak, you encounter a searing pain followed by a bleeding lip. Chapped lips are a perpetual problem during the cold, winter months, but here’s how you can keep your lips soft and smooth:

Solution: The best way to avoid dry lips is by keeping them well-hydrated. Applying a moisturizing lip balm frequently helps you do this. Carry a lip balm stick in your pocket and apply it liberally on your lips whenever needed. Also, avoid licking your lips, no matter how dry they feel, because your saliva will only dry out your lips further.

Cracked heels:

Another skin problem that can be incredibly painful, cracked heels is something most of us have encountered or continue to encounter. Cracked heels are not only painful, but can also be quite embarrassing. They make your feet look very ugly and dirty. Wish to side-step this problem? Here’s how to do it:

Solution: A regular exfoliating and cleansing routine will help get rid of dead skin and keep your heels soft and smooth. Cleansing your heels with a pumice stone also helps clear dead skin. The most important thing, however, is to coat your heels with a good moisturizing cream. Massage your heels with cream before going to bed and slip on a pair of socks. This way, your skin gets sufficient time to soak in the cream.

Well, now that you know how to solve these common dry skin woes, go ahead and set a winter skin care routine in place. That will help you enjoy soft, supple skin even during the freezing winter months.


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