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8 Indian Snacks Perfect for Winter Months

Although we Mumbaites do not have to withstand very chilly winters, it still gets pleasantly cool here, and don’t we just welcome the change? After months and months of sticky, sweltering heat, even the slight dip in temperature feels heavenly. However, when the gusts of cold wind start blowing, we experience a miraculous change in our appetites. I, for one, feel ravenous all the time. It probably has something to do with quickened metabolism rates or burning of fat or some such scientific reason, but that’s generally not what I’m worried about. What I am worried about, is well, food! What do I eat and what are the best foodstuffs to eat during this chilly season. Is this a pressing question for you too? Well, my dear fellow foodie, this will prove to be a delightful article for you because it answers these very same, very pressing questions! Here are 8 Indian snacks that I gorge on during the winters and am sure you would love to too!

Garam bhajjis/Samosas:

These crispy, deep-fried foodstuffs are absolutely amazing, especially during winters because they’re served piping hot. The best part is that you’ll find stalls selling them everywhere, in the narrowest gully and on the most crowded streets. So, when hunger calls, just head to a nearby bhajji/samosa stall and eat away to your heart’s content!


Image courtesy: more.more.more

Anda pav:

This is another great snack to munch on because it is satisfying and healthy. You’ll find several stalls selling boiled eggs seasoned with chilli powder and salt. They even offer other egg preparations like well-flavoured omelettes and scrambled eggs.


Image courtesy: mumbaiboss


This meatilicious snack is absolutely delightful. Served smoking hot and well-seasoned, a bite into this dish will take you to the moon and back. These flavourful kebabs come with a mouth-watering chutney and lots of onions for extra flavour.

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Image courtesy: realhealthyrecipes

Cutting chai:

I know this is not a snack, but sometimes a few sips of steaming cutting chai is all you need to kill those hunger pangs and give your mood a boost. Head with your friend to the nearest tea stall to enjoy some delicious tea and happy conversation!


Image courtesy: urbanrestro


Again, not a snack, but all the South Indians will agree with me when I say that this slightly tangy, very peppery tomato broth is perfect for the winters. Seasoned with fiery spices, rasam helps keep colds and coughs at bay. So, the next time you go out for lunch or dinner, make sure to order a bowlful of rasam along with your meal.


Image courtesy: showmethecurry

Hot Jalebi/Gajar ka halwa:

These sweetmeats are delectable and juicy and best of all, served hot. The sweetness and warmth combined delight all your senses. Chomp down on these sweet wonders to keep the cold and hunger at bay.


Image courtesy: whatscookingmom

Spicy pav bhaji:

This yummy dish is close to my heart because of two main reasons:

  1. It is very, very tasty
  2. It has lots of butter, lots!

Enjoy this delectable offering hot and feel the warmth seeping back in.


Image courtesy: onlinerecipe

Well, now that you know the perfect dishes to gorge on in this wintry weather, go out there are pig out!

P.S. Don’t worry about your weight, your hoodies and sweatshirts will hide the few extra pounds!

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