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5 Ways to make your Home Smell Great

We take great pains to ensure that we smell good all the time. Whether it means investing in expensive perfumes, hand creams or other fragrant items, we go the whole distance in a bid to smell pleasant. But, what about our homes? Isn’t it important that our rooms smell good too? After all, sitting in a stuffy, musty room can be very unpleasant and may even lead to headaches. Also, sooner or later, the smell of your rooms is going to rub off on to you and then you won’t be very happy with the way you smell. So, the sooner you start taking steps towards making your indoors smell good, the better for you. Here are 5 ways to make your indoors smell pleasant and welcoming.


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Room sprays to the rescue!

Nothing like the good old room spray! These squirty wonders can make your room smell great for hours. You could opt for spray cans that need to be sprayed manually, or you could settle for automatic room sprays that disperse fragrance at regular intervals. Alternatively, you could also create your own room sprays with the help of essential oils, water and spray bottles. Just a few squirts in a room and you’ll send bad air floating right out of the window!

Pouch air fresheners for a breath of fresh air

Don’t be fooled by the size of these fresheners, for their impact is quite powerful and lasting. The best part about these air fresheners is that you can create them yourself by tossing together aromatic ingredients that appeal to your sense of smell. All you need to do is purchase a couple of tiny pouches made of lightweight fabric, cotton balls, scented oils and dried flowers. Now, soak the cotton balls with scented oils and fill them and the dried flowers into the pouches. Hang these pouches up in different rooms and let the emanating fragrance fill your interiors!

Scented candles for a sweet aroma

These tiny, sweet-smelling objects actually provide you with multiple benefits. Not only do they make your rooms smell great, they also have a calming and soothing effect on your senses. Also, they make for beautiful additions to any room as they improve the ambience of your interiors. So, go to your nearest home decor store and buy these little scented wonders by the dozen. Choose from among flower, fruit and spice fragrances to infuse your rooms with a pleasant whiff.

Perfumes & fragrances that linger on

You might wonder what body sprays have to do with improving the smell of your room, right? Well, every time you spray yourself, the fragrance lingers on in the room you’ve sprayed yourself in. Repeated applications result in your rooms absorbing this aroma and over time, your rooms too will start smelling of your perfume. This is why most of our bedrooms smell better than the other rooms in our house. So, when buying a perfume for yourself, choose one that has a powerful, lingering aroma. This will not only keep you smelling great all day but will also change the way your rooms smell.

Linen sprays for all night long fragrance

Spraying your cushions, bed sheets and pillow cases with a fragrant spray is another great way of diffusing a pleasant aroma in your rooms. You can either buy sprays designed for this purpose or you can use a body mist. Just a few squirts of these aromatic liquids on your bed linen are enough to make your room smell pleasant through the night. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of spraying stuff on items you’re going to be sleeping on, you can always switch to the essential oils route. Dab a few drops of aromatic essential oils on your linen to enjoy the same sweet-smelling results.

With these smart tips to help you out, your rooms are sure to smell wonderful all the time! Enjoy the scent of it all!


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