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7 Skincare Tips to enjoy Soft, Smooth Skin this winter

Come winter and our skin automatically begins to dry out and crack. Chapped lips and cracked soles can be incredibly painful and this just adds to our winter woes. So, how do we keep our skin supple and moist through these chilly months? Well, read on to find out!


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Moisturizing cleansers & alcohol-free hand sanitizers

During the chilly winters, our skin looses a lot of moisture and this results in dry, chapped, itchy skin. So, we must do all we can to prevent further moisture loss. To do this, avoid using hand sanitizers or other cleansing products that contain alcohol as alcohol has a drying effect on the skin. Also, opt for cleansing products that are creamy and hydrating. This way your skin will be replenished with the moisture it has lost.

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Treat your skin to hydrating scrubs

Another great way of ensuring that your skin receives the amount of moisture it needs is by regularly treating it to hydrating face scrubs. You needn’t buy these face scrubs or visit an expensive parlour to get them as they can be made at home too. One such simple mask is a sugar and honey mask which is made by combining the two ingredients. Apply this homemade hydrating scrub on your knees, elbows and other areas that tend to get very dry during the winters.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

During the winters, no amount of moisturizing is enough, because there’s always need for another layer of cream! So, bring in the winters by purchasing a huge bottle of hydrating body lotion and massage it into your skin as often as required. Body lotions aren’t the only kind of moisturizers around for nowadays, you can choose from among body butters, oils and a range of other hydrating products. To know more about the types of moisturizers available, read this article: Enriching Body Moisturizers

Treat your toes, tips and lips

When we apply moisturizer, we tend to focus on our face, arms and legs. However, we forget to moisturize our palms, fingertips, soles and toes. Bad move here because these are the very areas that need to be moisturized. So, invest in products specially made to hydrate your tips and toes. Pick up a hand and nail butter and a foot lotion to condition and moisturize these areas.

Take short baths

When the days get chilly, and the nights get colder still, we crave for long, hot baths. However, winters are not the best time to indulge in this luxury because baths tend to rob your skin of moisture and hot water just makes it worse. So, even though you might really, really enjoy long, hot baths, refrain from indulging in them during the winters. Quick, lukewarm showers are the way to go.

Protect your skin from the cold

Although you’ve slathered on a thick layer of cream, it’s still important to shield your skin from the cold. Mufflers, gloves, socks, scarves are your best friends during this chilly season. So, make sure you stock your wardrobe with all the cold clothes you need.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Most people stuff their sunscreens away as soon as winter approaches. This isn’t a very good practice because the sun doesn’t stop shining during this season. So, your skin still runs the risk of getting damaged by UV rays. Hence, it’s important to slather on a good sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving the house to protect your skin from harmful sunrays.

With these tips to see you through the winter, you’re sure to enjoy soft, supple skin throughout this cold and cosy season.


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