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5 Reasons why we Love Street Food

No matter how rich we are, or get, there’s one thing we’ll never turn our noses up at – Street food! Street food might be very oily and very unhygienic, but we cannot deny its lip-smacking, finger-licking delicious taste! That’s why you’ll find people belonging to any and every social stratum huddled around street stalls, slurping and chomping away to glory. So, why, why are we so addicted to these humble dishes? How do they manage to hold greater sway over our taste buds than those fine and fancy chef d’oeuvres served at posh restaurants? Well, I’m just as confused as you are but after careful consideration and deliberation, I believe these might be the reasons why:


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  1. We secretly love the oiliness and greasiness of it all. Yes, we make a face. Yes, we stress over the extra pounds that are sure to pile on, but, when we are eating these dishes, in that moment of ecstasy, we don’t mind the butter or the cream or the oil. Because every bite is so damn tasty!
  2. Because it’s inexpensive. Nobody wants to come across as beings a cheapskate, but let’s be honest; a major reason why we love street food is because it is cheap. Whether you’re broke, stingy or both, you’ll never go hungry or feel like you’re spending too much money at a street food stall.
  3. Because it feels great to stand and eat sometimes. This is not something we get to do elsewhere. If you suddenly decide to finish your meal standing at a “dignified” restaurant, you’re sure to get some disdainful, disapproving looks coming your way.
  4. Because we can let go of our la-di-dah table manners. You can sniff, you can slurp, you can lick your fingers and you can burp, nobody is going to raise an eyebrow, because everybody is doing it too! It feels nice to just eat, devour, like a hungry animal and not get judged for behaving that way.
  5. It’s prepared in front of you and served piping hot. How often do you get to stand next to the pan in which your food is being prepared? When you’re at a street food stall, you get to see everything, right from preparation to seasoning to garnishing to serving, you get to take a good look at your food all along the way, and then you get it eat it when it’s still smoking hot!

Well, these were the reasons I could think of. However, I still believe we’ll never truly understand our instinctive liking for these street delicacies. But, why stress over the why? Let’s just accept this tiny weakness of ours and enjoy digging into these soul-delighting foodstuffs!

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