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8 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Painting your Interiors

With Christmas and New Year being just round the corner, many of us might show signs of being bitten by the DIY bug. (For those who aren’t familiar with this abbreviation, it stands for Do It Yourself) So, you might want to paint your interiors by yourself. Quite a good way to bring in the festive season. However, before you get all excited and launch into your task, make sure you read up on the best way to go about painting your interiors. Also, avoid some common mistakes most first-timers tend to make. To know what these mistakes are, read on!


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Painting on unclean/ un-prepped/ wet surfaces:

Sometimes, we might be in a hurry to get done with the task at hand and so we commit the crime of painting on an un-prepped surface. This is one of the worst painting mistakes you can make because painting on such a surface will lead to inadequate coverage and a rough finish. Painting on damp or wet surfaces will lead to peeling off or blistering of paint. So, just like an artist, prepare your canvas before you can splash on the paint!

Not using primer:

Primer is a must for painting. It helps you prepare your surface well so that paint adheres to it well. So, whether you’re changing the colour of paint or painting over a different type of surface, it’s important that you prime before you paint.

Not covering fixtures while painting:

The consequence of this mistake can be back-breaking. If you forget to cover fixtures like doorknobs, handles and light fixtures, you’ll end up splotching paint on these. After you finish painting your interiors, you’ll have to perform the additional task of wiping clean the paint off these fixtures! So, avoid the double work by covering all fixtures with plastic sheets before you commence painting.

Painting the ceiling last:

We often avoid painting the ceiling first because we think that we’ll ruin its flawlessness with brush marks as we paint the other walls. Not true. The ceiling should be attempted first as this will prevent paint from dripping onto and spoiling the remaining freshly-painted walls.

Using inappropriate tools:

When it comes to painting, one brush really doesn’t fit all. Depending on the kind of paint being used and the type of surface you’re painting on, you’ll need to select an appropriate brush. Selecting the right brush will help you get the desired finish and coverage and also make your work a lot easier. So, do a bit of research on the kinds of brushes available and select one that suits your requirements.

Mixing an insufficient amount of paint:

To begin with, getting the right shade can be quite difficult. So, you better be sure not to run short of paint when you’re halfway through. Mixing a new batch might result in a shade difference and this can make your walls look quite untidy. So, mix as much paint as will be required to cover all walls in one go. If there is paint left-over, cover the tub of paint using a plastic wrap and store the tub in a cool, dry place.

Applying the second coat too soon:

Another mistake that stems from impatience, applying the second coat before the first coat dries will lead to visible brush strokes, an uneven finish and even paint peeling off. So, wait for at least 24 hours before applying the second coat.

Over-applying paint:

You might think that by applying a very thick first coat of paint, you won’t need to apply the second layer. Not true. The second layer of paint is extremely important as this layer will give your wall the even finish you’re looking for. Besides, applying a very thick coat will result in ugly drips and gloppy overlayers. So, apply an even first coat and follow it up with a thin second coat.

Avoid these 7 common painting mistakes like the plague and you’re sure to have beautifully painted, elegant interiors!

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