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Top 10 Indian Desserts you must try

India is a land rich in cultures. The richness of these cultures seems to find direct expression in the lavish, scrumptious cuisines each one has to offer. An Indian spread, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, is always rich and elaborate. However, if by sampling a few Indian dishes you think you’ve had fair share of fattening food, you’re wrong! Wait till you sing your teeth into some delicious Indian desserts. Yes, melt-in-the-mouth, creamy, sugary-sweet Indian desserts!


The very name of this dish makes your mouth water. “Ras” means juice and “Malai” means cream, and this dessert offers us just this; soft, sweet paneer balls soaked in creamy, cardamom-flavoured malai! Can dessert get any richer than this?


Image courtesy: mintleaves

Gulab Jamun:

This is one of the most ubiquitous, widely and well-loved Indian desserts. Gulab Jamuns are made by deep-frying balls of khoya (thickened milk) which are then dunked into viscous, insanely-sweet sugar syrup. Rose water and cardamom are added to infuse the preparation with extra flavour.


Image courtesy: jyotsna-pant

Kaju Katli:

Another popular Indian dessert, Kaju Katli is quite similar to the western marzipan. It is made by mixing together cashew paste and thick sugar syrup. Ghee, kesar, cardamom and dry fruits are added for rich flavour.


Image courtesy: chanderkarsweets


If you thought all good things are expensive, you obviously haven’t tasted the Indian Jalebi yet. This incredibly sweet, gorgeously golden dessert is made by deep-frying maida batter which is poured in concentric circles. The crispy Jalebis are then soaked in sugar-syrup till they bloat with sweetness!


Image courtesy: amirbhandari

Agra ka Petha:            

A delicacy that comes from the city of the Taj Mahal, Agra, this juicy Indian dessert is an absolute must have! It is made from ash gourd and features a soft, juicy, slightly-crunchy texture. Sugar syrup, spices and rose water are added for sweetness and delightful flavour.


Image courtesy: atozrecipes


Amrakhand, also known as mango Shrikhand, is an important dessert in Marathi and Gujarati cuisine. It is made from strained yogurt and mango pulp is added for flavour. Chopped almonds, cashews and pistachios are sprinkled on top for a hint of nutty flavour.


Image courtesy: foodimoodi


Another milk-based desert, Rabri is made by thickening milk on low heat till it achieves a dense consistency. Sugar, spices and crunchy nuts are added to it for added flavour. This dessert is mostly served chilled.


Image courtesy: kitchenperks


A Bengali dessert, Sandesh is essentially sweetened milk cakes. It is made by cooking Indian cottage cheese and sugar over a low flame. Once sufficiently cooked, this mixture is shaped into balls and served hot. Sometimes, fruit essences and dried fruits are added for extra flavour.


Image courtesy: ahaar-blogspot


This pancake-like dish is served hot and dripping with juicy sugar syrup. The batter is prepared by mixing together flour, milk and cardamom. Then, the Malpuas are fried in ghee, soaked in sugar syrup, garnished with pistachios and served with piping hot Rabri.


Image courtesy: zebizubair


This rice-based dish is quite similar to rice kheer, the only difference is that Phirni is made using ground rice. To make this mouth-watering dessert, rice, milk and sugar and boiled together till the mixture attains a thick consistency. Chopped dry fruits are sprinkled for a bit of crunchiness and flavour and the dessert is served in tiny earthenware pots for a traditional feel.


Image courtesy: indianfoodfreak

Is your mouth watering yet? Well, it has too! Get yourself some of these lip-smacking desserts and treat your taste buds to melt-in-the mouth goodness.

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