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5 Smart Tips to Care for Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture infuses warmth into any room. It reminds us of fireplaces and rustic country side cottages. Perhaps, that is why we love adding wooden furniture to our rooms. Some even go as far as to opt for wooden flooring and wall paneling. However, wood is a material that requires extra care because it is prone to warping and infestation if not protected properly. So, what do you do to prevent your vintage-inspired wooden masterpieces from meeting with decay and termite infestation? Here are a couple of tips to help you keep your beautiful wooden pieces in perfect condition:


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Clean often and well:

Wooden furniture needs frequent and thorough cleaning. To clean wooden furniture, make use of appropriate cleaning equipment, like a feather duster, terry towels or soft, lint-free cloths. To get rid of stubborn stains, use warm water and mild dish soap. However, it’s extremely important to wipe dry every inch of furniture once you’ve finished cleaning.

Wax to get Beautiful Sheen:

After cleaning, resort to waxing your furniture to keep it looking elegant and shiny. Using a good quality soft-paste wax, buff the surface lightly with a soft cloth or brush. After buffing the first time, wait for another 30-60 minutes and then buff the surface again, this time a little more vigorously than the last time.

Protect Furniture from Sunlight:

You protect your face from the sunlight to prevent it from loosing colour, right? The same way, you need to protect your furniture from the sun to prevent it from looking faded and lackluster Sunlight can prove to be extremely damaging for wooden furniture. It destroys fine finishes and causes it to fade. It also dries out and shrinks the wood, causing cracks.

Protect Furniture from Heat:

Heat can be as damaging for wooden furniture as sunlight is. So, avoid keeping furniture too close to the fireplace or heating vents. Heat, like sunlight causes wooden furniture to dry out and shrink and this leads to the formation of cracks.

Choose a Good Paint:

The first and most important step for caring for your wooden furniture is to select a good quality paint. There are several kinds of wooden finishes available in the market. Opt for a finish that not only looks good but also offers ample protection against heat, oil stains and termite attacks.

British Paints offers premium quality wood paints that are long lasting and also protect your wooden surfaces from damages and other exterior elements. Check out these wood finishes here: Wood Finishes and Paints

Follow these tips to the T and touch wood, your wooden furniture will stay in ship-shape, style-wise and quality-wise, for years to come!


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