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Shaving Tips for Men: 5 Ways to get a Flawless, Smooth Shave

Stubble may be in, but women still love a clean-shaven gentleman. The clean-shaven look makes a man look elegant and professional. Besides, nuzzling against smooth cheeks is so much more comfortable! So guys, it’s time you invested a little more time and attention into that beard-eliminating ritual called shaving. Wow the men and woo the women with your suave, classy look.


Image courtesy: razorbumpsinfo

But, how do you get that perfect, smooth shave? Here are a few tried and tested tips to help you out:

Never Dry Shave:

The most important rule when it comes to shaving is to not dry shave. Dry shaving results in rough skin, improper hair removal and a very unkempt, scraggy appearance. Always wash your face, preferably with lukewarm water before shaving. Or, you could dab your jaw and chin with a hot towel. This will soften facial hair and make hair removal a lot easier.

Choose a Good Shaving Cream:

Another tip to help you get a smooth shave is to use shaving creams or gels that are natural rather than synthetic. Organic shaving creams are devoid of chemicals and hence, don’t dry out your skin or make it rough. On the contrary, they soften and condition the area, making shaving a piece of cake.  Also, be generous when applying shaving cream. The more liberal you are, the smoother your shave will be!

The Body Shop offers nourishing and trustworthy organic shaving products for men. These products not only help you enjoy a perfect shave but they also leave your skin feeling softer and smoother than before.

Be Razor Smart!

A rule of thumb, which is also quite a no-brainier, when it comes to shaving, is to use a superior razor. Don’t penny-pinch here because with a good razor in hand, you have half the job done. Make sure that the blade is razor sharp. Also, if you shave often, like every day or every alternate day, change the blade frequently. Depending on the quality of your beard, you might have to change the blade anywhere between every three or ten shaves. Another helpful tip is to dip your razor in hot water after every 4-5 swipes as this help soften hair further.

Go with the Growth:

Rule number four of smooth shaving is to always, always shave along the grain and never against it. Shaving against the direction of beard growth will lead to cuts and razor bumps. So, shave in the direction of hair growth using short, and if necessary, repeated strokes. When shaving, tackle the sides of your face first, then the mustache area and lastly your chin. Chin hairs are the toughest and hence attempting this area last will give these hairs extra time to soften.

Moisturize, and then Moisturize Some More:

Once you’re through with shaving, round of your routine by hydrating your skin with some aftershave balm or a natural aftershave. Avoid using a synthetic aftershave as these contain alcohol and alcohol stings and dries out your skin. Aftershave balms are a better product to use not only because they save us from razor burns but because they also prove to be intensely moisturizing. After applying your post-shaving product, wait for a few minutes for the product to soak in and then hydrate your skin further by slathering on a fragrant moisturizer.

There! You can now flaunt a smooth, clean-shaven face that is sure to get an approving second-glance!


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