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Scent of a Woman: 7 Tips to Help you Smell Great All Day

The latest ad for a popular deodorant gives us pearls of wisdom with its apt tagline, “When you smell good, you look good.”

Amen to that, I say! People who smell good seem to magically emanate an attractiveness that draws us towards them. We tend to regard such people as being more intelligent, competent and friendly. And mind you, this isn’t a random, baseless observation of mine, but research conducted on the topic reveals that a majority of people do look favourably upon those who smell good. Wouldn’t you too like to be a part of this prestigious, sweet-smelling group?

Although it might seem like an easy thing to do, smelling good throughout the day can be quite difficult. Crowded buses, sweaty co-workers and the dust and fumes contribute towards diminishing the power of our aromatic perfumes, and within a few hours, we’re back to square one.

So, does that mean that there isn’t any way around this smelly business? Not true, because, with a couple of quick fixes, you can smell pleasant throughout the day. Read on to find out just how you do it!


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  1. Give mildly fragrant soaps a miss and opt for shower gels with powerful aromas. These gels will envelop your body in fruity and flowery fragrances for longer
  2. At the start of the day, spray a strong perfume on your pulse points like your wrists, the nape of your neck, behind your ears, etc. An important tip here is to not rub these areas as this will dilute the fragrance. Also, midway through the day, rejuvenate the fragrance by spraying on a body mist with the same aroma. The Body Shop offers a range of richly fragrant, long-lasting perfumes and body mists that are sure to keep you smelling great all day. Check out this range here: Perfumes & Body Mists
  3. Another tip to smell great is to frequently massage your hands and fingertips with a sweet-smelling hand lotion
  4. To smell great all day, you should surround yourself with pleasing aromas, even while sleeping. Hence, spray some aromatic pillow and sheet spray on sleeping items like bed sheets, mattress and pillowcases. Enveloped by these pleasing aromas through the night, you’ll wake up smelling great!
  5. Another great way to permeate your clothes with pleasing aromas is to spray the clothes inside your closet with an aromatic clothing spray or some cologne. You could also place some perfumed sachets between the clothes or in socks/innerwear drawers
  6. To smell great all day, every part of your body should emanate a pleasant aroma. Hence, don’t ignore your feet in the bargain. In fact, this is one part of your body that you must pay attention to, lest you wish to smother everyone with that horrible toenail smell that ensues from your shoes and feet at the end of the day. A few spritzes of foot spray and keep your feet smelling good. You could also massage your feet with a fragrant foot cream every night.
  7. Last but not the least; keep your breath smelling minty and fresh by chewing on some breath fresheners

There you go! 7 simple tips to help you smell and feel great all day. Apart from these tips, don’t underestimate the importance of personal hygiene. A clean, healthy body stays free of unpleasant odours and this goes a long way in improving the way you smell.


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