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5 Incredible Benefits of Playing a Musical instrument

Most of us can’t do without music. Whether we’re cutting across countries in our car, pumping iron in the gym or working on a tedious presentation, we need to let those melodious tunes play on in the background. Why? Because music makes life beautiful, and more importantly, bearable. Some of us prefer upbeat melodies, some are fans of soulful blues and some of us don’t really have a genre, but like any song that has the ability to make our feet tap and fingers snap.


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If listening to music is so uplifting and inspiring, imagine how wonderful creating music might be! You, as the artist, get the opportunity to create tunes and rhythms that light up people’s lives. You have the power to string together notes that sway people, away from their sorrows, and towards the soothing pleasures of melody. Isn’t this reason enough to want to be able to make music?

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If you’re still not motivated enough to learn to play a musical instrument, here are 5 cognitive and behavioural benefits you’re sure to derive if you do start learning to play one. So, get started on that guitar or piano right away!

Better memory

Playing a musical instrument requires much focus, attention and perseverance. Hence, this activity stimulates your brain cells, improving functioning and your memory. Also, to be able to play a single song, there are so many chords, notes and tunes you have to remember and this pushes your brain to memorize things faster and better. It’s like playing a memory game with yourself, but in a way that is a thousand times more enjoyable!

Enhanced coordination

Playing a musical instrument calls for a lot of hand-eye co-ordination. Every time you form a chord or change chords or even read music, your brain needs to process the information quickly and communicate to your fingers what needs to be done. This makes your brain accustomed to carrying out complex actions perfectly which, in turn, improves overall coordination, making you faster, quicker and more agile in your movements.

Improved concentration

Unlike filling a data sheet, playing a musical instrument requires a great deal of focus and concentration. You have to concentrate on the placements of your fingers, the sound of your instrument, the succession of chords and a million other factors to get even a two minute composition right. This trains your mind to be more attentive and receptive. This, in turn, boosts concentration levels. So, now to know what to do if you want to crack that career-deciding, competitive professional exam, right?

Increased ability for self-expression

This might sound a little shocking, but many of us don’t really know how to express ourselves. With emoticons and other cyber-symbols doing the job for us, we’ve forgotten what it feels like to actually express an emotion. If expression isn’t a problem, then confidence surely is because many people don’t feel comfortable expressing themselves. Playing a musical instrument helps evoke and channelize emotions and hence the player of the instrument gets in touch with his emotional needs and is able to use them to create great music.

Lower stress levels, more happiness

Our lives have become incredibly stressful, what with us juggling multiple roles, worrying about our jobs and struggling to commute within a fume-filled, people-filled city, we’re finding it increasingly difficult to find mental peace and happiness. But, if you do know how to play a musical instrument, you can spend some time creating your own melodies or perfecting existing ones and let your mind and spirit unwind. Creating music has a wonderful de-stressing effect on the mind. It is also proven to boost your mood, making you feel happy and calm.

With so many benefits to enjoy, who wouldn’t want to learn a musical instrument, right? Don’t let laziness or your procrastination habit stop you from mastering melody! Sign up for a course in your instrument of choice and start playing!

The True School of Music offers comprehensive courses for both, novices and professionals. Take a look at the list of part-time and full-time courses here: TSM Music Courses


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