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10 Dishes you must Sample on an Indian Culinary Tour

Culinary tours seem to be the new must-do thing. These gastronomically-driven walks are designed to satiate two burning desires of the human spirit; the need to travel and the need to feast on yummy food!

A culinary tour is quite similar to the conventional tour, only on this tour; you visit the most renowned eateries in a place rather than the historic structures and scenic sights there. Such a tour brings multiple benefits to the table (figuratively and literally) as you not only get to visit the most popular food joints and sample a range of local delicacies, but you also get to interact with locals and soak in the wonderful sights the surroundings have to offer.

India being the bustling, multiracial, multi-ethnic country that it is, taking such a tour in this country is nothing short eye-opening. You’ll be amazed by the range of cuisines this country has to offer, the diversity in preparation styles and absolute disharmony in taste preferences. If you ever get a chance to be a part of such a delectable tour, here are 10 Indian dishes you must, MUST sample!


Rice-lovers will relish this dish. Biryani is prepared by cooking long-grained, aromatic Basmati rice is lots of Indian spices and for extra flavour, curds, meat and vegetables are added to the mix.


Image courtesy: theindiagaterestaurant

A Kathi Roll

A Kathi roll is India’s answer to continental-styled wraps and rolls. Eggs, veggies, meat, seasonings and spices are enveloped in a soft paratha and served smoking hot to the famished customer.


Image courtesy: sailusfood

Tandoori Chicken

Mildly spicy, moderately crispy and extremely tasty, this non-vegetarian dish is made by cooking chicken in a Tandoor. Before being placed in the Tandoor, the meat is marinated in the choicest spices and herbs for rich, mouth-watering flavour.


Image courtesy: nesali

Onion Bhajjis

A lot like onion rings, but a million times more flavourful, this dish is best enjoyed on a rainy day with a steaming cup of chai.


Image courtesy: thecookingacademy

Vada Pav

A lot has been said about this dish, but to truly experience its greatness, you have to bite into one. The Vada Pav is made up of a crispy and delicious potato-filled vada which is placed between a pav and dusted with a generous helping of garlic chutney.


Image courtesy: memsaab

A Thali

Have a big appetite? Dig right into an Indian Thali. The Thali is perhaps one on the most wholesome and nutritious Indian culinary offerings around. It presents an array of extremely tasty dishes, including chapattis, puris, rice, at least 5 different types of vegetables, pickles and dessert!


Image courtesy: genomicgastronomy

Masala Dosa

This dish will give you a taste of South Indian cooking. The crisp dosa and potato filling comes with a bowl of slightly-sweet, slightly-savoury sambhar and coconut chutney.


Image courtesy: foodandrestaurant


This absolutely delicious dish will delight meat lovers. Kebabs are made by grinding chicken, beef or mutton into a fine mince. Spices, herbs and flavour-giving powders are added to the mince. After this, the meat mixture is pressed around skewers to form elongated kebabs and cooked over a barbeque.


Image courtesy: kitchenscoop

Pani Puri

Another dish you absolutely must taste, this dish is the most popular one in the chaat family. Crispy puris are filled with bolied potatoes, sprouts or bundis and a layer of sweet-sour khajur chatni is drizzled above the filling. The whole puri, filling and all is then dunked into a pot filled with tangy, spicey pudina water. The result of such a combination; Nirvana!

walkthroughindia 2

Image courtesy: walkthroughindia


Parathas are like chapattis, but the only difference is that they are stuffed with different kinds of fillings like potatoes, palak, methi or paneer. These soft, delicious parathas are usually eaten with curds and pickle. For enhanced flavour, a dollop of butter is dropped over the hot parathas just before they are consumed!


Image courtesy: foodlyrics

Well, after sampling these 10 dishes, you’re sure to get a good idea about Indian food. However, don’t stop at just these 10 dishes because they are only the tip of the iceberg. Go ahead and taste the million other delicacies this country has to offer. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

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      Hi Madonna! Yes, Indian food is quite yummy. You must try out some dishes when you get the chance.

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        Sure I will 🙂 thanks and Godbless

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