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How to Select Right Exterior Emulsion for your Walls

Aren’t you freakishly particular about the quality of the clothes you buy or shoes you wear? Would you pick up a T-shirt that looked like it could easily tear or buy shoes that seemed likely to split at the seams? No, you wouldn’t! Your clothes and shoes are meant to cover and protect your body and hence, you decidedly and constantly settle only for the best.

Why then, aren’t we as particular when it comes to selecting paints for our exteriors? Exterior emulsions are just like ‘clothes’ for your home. The more resistant, resilient and long-lasting your exterior emulsions are, the more protected your house and its indoors are going to be!


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So, the next time you think of sprucing up your exteriors, give some thought to the emulsion you choose. Only pick up one that possesses these 5 qualities:

Perfect Imperfection Sealer:

Your exterior emulsion should be able to completely and permanently seal the broadest or narrowest of cracks as this alone can stop monsoon leakages and insect infestation. So, select an exterior paint that goes a good job in concealing and sealing imperfections.


If you don’t want your beautiful house to look like an uninhabited, rundown shack, wage war against the growth of algae and fungi on your walls. Hence, you should select an exterior paint that prevents algae and fungi from forming on its surface. This will keep your house looking freshly-painted and pristine for a long time!


Your exterior emulsion is exposed, not only to scorching heat and powerful winds, but also to water, and lots of it, especially during the rains. Choose an exterior paint that is completely water resistant and this will prevent those untoward seepages from marring your walls.

Economically Priced:

Just because your exterior emulsion delivers a million benefits, you and I really can’t afford to spend a bomb on painting our walls, right? Hence, it is important to pick a paint that doesn’t burn a hole in our pockets and yet, doesn’t compromise on quality.


Painting your exteriors is quite an elaborate and tedious job. After putting in so much effort, it would really break your heart to see the colour fade in a couple of months. Hence, choose an emulsion that promises a good staying power. It also helps to select a paint that provides UV protection so that it doesn’t fade due to sunlight.

Looking for quality exterior emulsions for your home? British Paints provides a variety of durable, weather-resistant exterior emulsions that promise to deliver long-wearing colour to your exteriors. Check out these paints here: Exterior Emulsion Paints

Deciding to paint your interiors? Selecting the right finish can be quite confusing. Read this article to discover the different interior paint finishes available and which finish would suit your wall best: Interior Emulsions – Types of Interior Paint Finishes Available


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