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5 Smart Tips to Choose the Right Music School

If you’re serious about making a career in music, you have to train yourself well. Learning off YouTube or the World Wide Web, although commendable, is not the best way to hone your talents. You need proper guidance, and more importantly, the right amount of exposure to grow as a musician and gain a foothold in the industry. This is why it makes sense to enrol in a music school.

Music schools offer carefully planned courses, experienced faculty and progressive music facilities to help sharpen and mould your inherent talents. Above all, being a part of a music school places you in the midst of several like-minded individuals and this goes a long way in helping you gauge your abilities and form valuable connections.


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However, with so many music schools dotting the music academy map, how do you decide which school is the best for you? Here are 5 features a good music school must have and if you spot all five, or at least four in a music school, you can be sure that the school’s a good one.

Professional Faculty:

The kind of faculty a school, especially a music school has should be the first and most important yardstick by which you judge the credibility and standing of a music school. The school might be a small, obscure one, but if the faculty is good, you can confidently include the school on your ‘Schools-to-Consider’ list. Professional staff can pass on insights and tricks of the trade they have learnt through experience. This, for a budding musician, is like heavenly manna!

A Wide Range of Courses:

Although you might be adamant on just learning the guitar, opt for a music school that offers courses in not just the guitar, but a wide range of subjects related to music, like genres in music, the evolution of music, current musical trends, etc. This will help you look at music in a holistic fashion and understand better the expressive and artistic dimensions of it.

State-of-the-art Music Facilities:

A good music school provides you with the infrastructure and facilities required to channelize your talents into beautiful compositions. So, look for a school that has quality equipment and fully-equipped studios to help you create the music you’ve always wanted too.

Tie-ups with Clubs, Studios and Music Hubs:

If a music school has tie-ups with such places, students from the school often get a chance to play gigs there. This means more exposure and the experience of playing in front of complete strangers. Also, you get a platform to showcase your talent and this can lead to lucrative offers and opportunities in the future.

 Industry Connections/Internships:

Although it is true that connections alone cannot build a career, they definitely can kick-start it. So, join a music school that has professionals from the industry coming over to take lectures or give speeches. Still better is a school that has its alumni in the industry. Also, check for whether or not the school is offering quality internships because all these factors play a big role in helping your get noticed by the big guns in the industry.

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