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Organic Hair Care: 5 Reasons Why You Must Use Organic Shampoos & Conditioners

We’ve all heard of organic creams and skin care products. However, did you know that organic hair care products are available too? Yes, from hair serums to butters to shampoos and conditioners, there are a wide range of organic hair care products available to help you care for and condition your precious tresses.

Despite the buzz created around organic products, some of us are still sceptical about their benefits and effectiveness. Are organic products really all they promise to be, you might ask. Well, here is an article that will dispel your doubts and explain to you exactly why you should use organic products, especially for your hair:


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Organic Shampoos and Conditioners…

Don’t contain chemicals:

This is one of the biggest and best benefits of organic hair cleansing products. Non-organic shampoos contain synthetic ingredients and a plethora of chemicals. These chemicals not only affect the quality of your hair, but also damage your scalp, causing irritation & dandruff problems. Organic shampoos and conditioners on the other hand only contain natural ingredients and extracts. Hence, these products are a lot safer for your hair.

Are gentle on your hair:

Unlike harsh synthetic shampoos, organic cleansing products are milder and gentler on your hair. Fortified with natural ingredients, they strengthen and condition your hair instead of making it dry and frizzy. As a result, you’ll notice your hair feels, softer, silkier and healthier. Also, organic shampoos and conditioners are mild and hence do not irritate your scalp or cause it to itch. This comes as a real relief for people with sensitive skins because with organic hair care products, you don’t have to worry about side-effects or skin problems. You’ll also notice a marked reduction in hair fall problems.

Contain quality ingredients:

Organic shampoos and conditioners contain enriching and rejuvenating ingredients like tea tree extracts, Aloe Veera gel and the purees and oils of several fruits and nuts. Organic hair care products make use of only natural ingredients and hence these shampoos and conditioners are of the best quality. This being said, however, you must pay attention to the brand you select. Only use products made by a reputed brand so that you can be sure that only the best ingredients are used.

The Body Shop is one such brand that enjoys world-wide repute for providing organic skin care and hair care products. This brand makes use of the choicest ingredients to create products that are not only safe for your hair, but also intensely nourishing and moisturizing. Check out The Body Shop products here: Organic Shampoos & Organic Conditioners

Benefit your hair in the long run:

Unlike with synthetic shampoos that make your hair feel soft and silky in the beginning, but eventually make your hair dry and brittle, organic shampoos consistently nourish and moisturize your hair. In fact, over time, you’ll notice an improvement in the quality and texture of your hair. The more the natural ingredients from these shampoos and conditioners act on your hair, the better your hair will become.

Have amazing fragrances:

The fragrances of organic shampoos and conditioners are pleasantly different from synthetic ones. They contain strong scents of the ingredients gone into the making of the product and hence tend to have delicious fruity fragrances or fresh floral scents. Also, these fragrances aren’t overpowering and hence, have a calming, soothing effect on the senses.

Hope these reasons have sufficiently drawn out the importance and benefits of using organic shampoos and conditioners. Now all you have to do is go ahead and use them!

Want to know more about organic skincare and beauty products and their benefits? Check out this article: Organic Skincare & Beauty Products – The Biggest Beauty Boon Around


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