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Hair Serums – All you need to Know about this Hair Styling Product

Ever since heat-styling tools began to find their way into homes, a lot of importance began to be given to a product called hair serum. Commonly known as a heat-protecting serum or a de-tangling serum, hair serums act as a magic potion for women who like to style their hair often. So, what exactly does this wonder product do? How does it protect/tame your hair?

What are hair serums?

A Hair serum is a silicone-based product with a slippery-smooth texture. When applied, it forms a coat over your hair strands, protecting them from dust, heat and other texture and style damaging factors. It also smoothens hair strands, giving your hair a silky, frizz-free texture.


Image courtesy: topbeautyangel.blogspot

What are hair serums used for?

Quite a versatile product, hair serums can be used in different ways as per hair requirements. Since it softens and smoothens hair strands, many use this product to detangle knots before combing. It is also used to provide a protective coating over hair before styling with heat-styling tools. Some use it to tame frizz and some, to add shine and silkiness to hair.

Things to keep in mind when applying hair serum

So, inspired by all that you’ve read, you’ve gone and gotten yourself a big bottle of hair serum. But, how do you use this product such that you reap maximum benefits from its application?

Here’s how to do that:

  • Keep in mind your hair type when buying a hair serum and select one meant for your hair. If after using the product for a couple of days, you realize that it’s making your hair dry, discontinue using the product and try out a new one.
  • Never compromise on quality when it comes to selecting a serum for your hair. A serum is meant to protect your hair and hence, the ingredients used must be of good quality. So, opt for reputed branded products even though you might have to spend a tad bit more on them.
  • Hair serum should be applied on damp hair and not on dry or wet hair. So, towel dry your hair after washing and then apply hair serum through it.
  • Avoid applying serum on your scalp. It should be used only to coat the strands of your hair. So, pour a couple of drops on your palm and rub the product over your fingertips. Use your fingertips to spread the product over your hair strands.
  • To make the application process easier, apply serum on your hair and then use a paddle brush to spread the product through your hair.
  • Too much of anything is bad for you and this rule applies to hair serum too. You don’t have to apply serum like you apply hair oil. Just a few drops are sufficient for your hair. Also, avoid using serum daily. If you do, make sure you apply very small quantities.
  • Wash your hair regularly and well to prevent serum from accumulating of your hair as this will lead to dandruff problems and your hair turning greasy and sticky.

With these pointers in mind, you’ll be able to derive maximum benefit from hair serums without over-doing it or damaging your hair.

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