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Interesting, Lesser-known Facts about India’s Top Cricket Players

We worship them as we worship our Gods. Our love for them is unparalleled. We fast and pray for their success, for their victory is ours, and so if their defeat. We scream their names from rooftops when they emerge victorious and rage and fume when they don’t give their best on the field. That is how crazy we are about our Indian cricket players. So much are we in awe of them, that sometimes we forget that they are human too. Maybe we should put a stopper on our super-high expectations now and then and look at them as individuals, as people with pasts, quirks, faults and strange habits. Here is some trivia to reveal to you a different, lesser know side of your favourite Indian players. Enjoy!


Image courtesy: itimes

Sachin Tendulkar:

The Master Blaster met with his share of rejection too. Initially desirous of becoming a fast bowler, he was turned down by Dennis Lillee’s MRF Pace Foundation in 1987 as Lillee wanted him to concentrate on batting. Sourav Ganguly was the other youngster to be rejected with him.

As surprising as it may sound, this Indian cricketing legend was without a bat contract till the 1996 Cricket World Cup. He wasn’t eager to sign a contract because he believed that having a sticker on the bat would prove to be a distraction. So, he continued to use a sticker-less bat he used during practice even while playing for the World Cup.

M S Dhoni:

One of the most talked-about and revered players in the India Cricket Team; M S Dhoni has been dogged with his fair share of controversies. To read interesting facts and trivia about M S Dhoni, check out this article: 10 Amazing Facts about M S Dhoni

Sourav Ganguli:

This Bong Blaster has been showered with many celebratory nicknames like ‘The Prince of Calcutta,’ ‘The Maharaja,’ ‘The Warrior.’ However, did you know that he has quite an unflattering middle name? It is Chandidas!

Sourav Ganguly was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father runs a thriving printing business; it is the 3rd largest in Asia. The Ganguly’s are one of the richest families in the ‘City of Joy!’

Sunil Gavaskar:

His heart and soul is with India when he plays for our country in international matches, but, off-field, he is a staunch supporter of unity and religious tolerance. Sunil Gavaskar is famous for his heroic feat in 1993 when he rescued a Muslin family from a mob near his residence. He appealed to the mob to rethink their actions by telling them, “first you’ll have to hit me.”

Always the disciplined, rule-abiding player, Sunil Gavaskar shocked fans and admirers when he attempted a walk-off at a Melbourne match against Australia in 1981. Then a captain, Gavaskar asked his non-striker partner Chetan Chauhan to walk-off with him. He later revealed sledging to be the catalyst for his outburst.

Kapil Dev:

A successful player and person today, Kapil Dev had quite a humble beginning. His father, Ramlal Nikhani, was a building and timber contractor. His parents migrated to India from Rawalpindi during the partition of India.

A diligent sportsman with a resilient will, Kapil Dev is famous for never missing a test because of injuries or fitness reasons. This is quite a remarkable feat giving the fact that his career spans over 16 years and includes around 131 test matches.


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