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7 Tips to help you Paint your Interiors like a Pro

Hiring help to get your house painted can turn out to be an expensive affair. Apart for investing in the material, there is the additional expense of paying the painters for their services. Also, it might so happen that the help you hire may not do a very good job. It is because of all these reasons that people often decide to do their own painting and decorating.

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Painting your interiors is actually quite a simple task, one that a person can do singlehandedly or with a bit of help from family members. Once you know the procedure that needs to be followed, you can paint your walls with your eyes shut. (Don’t really do that!) But, you’ll realize that it isn’t as herculean a task as you thought it would be. If you decide to indulge in a bit of DIY painting, here are a couple of steps and tips to help you do a smooth, clean job:


Emptying the room will make your job a thousand times easier. If you’ve decided to follow a room-by-room approach, shift all items into an adjacent room. However, it makes a lot more sense to take a flat on rent and transfer all your belongings into the rented flat. Once you’ve finished painting all the rooms, you can move your belongings back into your original flat.

Prep before you Paint!

The key to getting a smooth, indent-free surface is to prep the walls before you paint. This involves scraping, sanding and filing holes, cracks and dents. Make sure you diligently even out every surface imperfection before you move on to the next stage of painting. If you’re painting on painted, varnished or enamelled surfaces, clean the grease and grime off using a de-glosser or a heavy duty cleanser.

Priming is Key

 Applying primer is extremely beneficial because it prevents stains from bleeding through, facilitates one-coat paint coverage and strengthens paint adhesion. To hide the primed surface better, tint the primer to resemble the finished colour. To do this, mix a small amount of top coat paint into the primer.

Cover, then Colour!

Prevent your floor from being smeared with paint stains by covering it with a drop cloth. When it comes to choosing the material of the drop cloth, opt for a canvas one instead of a plastic one. Canvas drop cloths are durable, rip-resistant and lay flat against the floor. Also, these drop cloths absorb paint drips, as opposed to plastic drop cloths that become slippery, and hence reduce chances of slipping and tripping.

Technique Matters

Use paint rollers instead of brushes for an even finish. Also, let each stroke of your roller overlap the previous one to prevent lap marks. Also, apply your strokes in quick succession, before the previous coat can dry. Reload the roller often as well to prevent it from drying out. Go over thick patches and runs to even out imperfections and get a smooth finish.

Fill the Bucket

Fill paint in a bucket instead of pouring small amounts on a paint tray. Firstly, a bucket is a lot less messy and lets you access as much paint as you need each time. Secondly, mixing a large amount of paint at one go helps you maintain a consistent shade throughout the room and lastly, paint filled in a bucket is a lot easy to store. At the end of the day, all you need to do is place a lid over the bucket to prevent the paint from drying.

Safe Storage

Storing your paint brushes and paint rollers the right way is extremely important. To do this, start by brushing off the excess paint and wrapping your painting instruments in plastic food wrap. Ensure that you wrap the rollers and brushes well as the point is to completely seal out air. Now, keep these tools in the refrigerator to prevent the paint from drying overnight.

By following these painting tips, you’re sure to be able to get smooth, blemish free walls even if you’re a rookie at house painting.


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