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7 Things Every Foodie must do on a Food Tour

Let me begin by making a clarification. ‘Food tours’ are not something that you have to pay a bomb for. It is something that anyone can create, especially if he or she is:

  • A foodie
  • Enjoys travelling
  • Has lots of free time

A food tour is like any other tour, only, instead of visiting famous destinations, on this tour you only visit food destinations (famous, infamous or otherwise.)Yes, the whole focus is, and should be on, food. This is a tour you must take when you visit a new place because; it’s the best way to get a taste of the culinary delights and delicacies the place has to offer. Besides, this gastronomically-charged tour will also introduce you to the culture and ethics of the place. As a bonus, you’ll get to interact with other food lovers and hearty eaters who happen to be enjoying a meal at the place you visit.

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Here’s what you must do on this appetizing tour:

  1. Be impartial and unbiased in your choice of eateries. Sample what expensive, gourmet restaurants have to offer, but don’t miss the opportunity of trying out local delicacies offered at popular local joints.
  2. Interact with the master chefs in the place, irrespective of the garb they wear. So, they could be dressed to the nines in chef coats and hats or simply in a lungi and a torn vest, but, do go up to them and have a chat about their cooking and the dishes and flavours that are popular with the locals.
  3. Take food selfies. Yes, stop clicking pictures of yourself and your group and let those delectable dishes take centre stage. Create an album that captures your food exploits and the culinary currents of places you visit.
  4. Embrace novelty. So, don’t not try something just because you haven’t eaten it before. Remember, the whole point of your tour is to open your mouth and taste buds to new flavours and dishes. Skip your conventional favourites and order something unknown on the menu. Your favourite food list might just end up with some unexpected additions.
  5. Travel to your destination on foot. This will not only help you soak in the scenic sights in the vicinity, but also help you build up an appetite that’ll do justice to the food offered at your destination.
  6. Gather at least 5 easy recipes to try out back home. You can get these recipes from local cooking champs or cooks at eateries. When you get back, prepare these dishes for friends and family. This way you can give people around you a taste of the culinary wonders you’ve been lucky enough to have sampled.
  7. Sit next to random strangers and enjoy a meal. Ask them about their lifestyles and how they earn their daily bread. This will give you a peek into the socio-cultural trends in the place. Also, who best to guide you on the best dishes to order than a bunch of knowing, friendly locals!

By following these pointers, you’re sure to enjoy a satiating, completely satisfying food tour.

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