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Go sockless in Style: Tips to wear the Sockless Trend

The renowned fashion designer, Thom Browne, made a very smart fashion statement by calling the ankle the new male cleavage. The sockless trend, which is meant to give us a peak at the ankle, is quickly gaining popularity, not just on runways, but also among the masses. Men of different age groups and cultural backgrounds have been spotted sporting this trend. And why won’t they, as this trend makes you look incredibly suave and stylish, like a true gentleman. Eager to try out this trend? Here are few pointers you should keep in mind while wearing the sockless trend:



Image courtesy: fashionbeans

Know when to wear this trend, and when absolutely not to:

The style-savvy gentleman knows how and when to wear a trend. The sans-socks trend is perfect for summer, after all, a bit of extra ventilation is always appreciated during these stifling months. However, give this trend a wide berth during the winters or you’ll end up quaking like a leaf. Also, no matter what people say, never sport this trend with shorts. EVER.

Wear the right pants:

For this ankle-bearing trend, you need to wear the right pants. Slim-fit pants with close-fitting helms are ideal for the sockless look. Baggy pants and cargoes are a complete no-no. Also, the helms of your pants should be slightly high, such that they expose the ankles. Chinos, trousers and other formal pants go well with this trend.

Wear the right shoes:

For this trend to look good and not funny, you need to be very careful about the kind of shoes you wear. Give high top sneakers, boots and oxfords a wide berth. Instead, opt for boat shoes, loafers, moccasins, espadrilles for casual wear. For formal wear, buck shoes, derby shoes or double monks make for good options.

Keep your feet clean:

Since this trend requires you to go sockless, you need to be extra vigilant regarding the hygiene of your feet. Or else you’ll have to deal with toe-nail odour the minute you slip off your shoes. If you’re going to be wearing this trend often, it makes sense to go in for regular pedicures.

For more tips on how to keep your feet looking and smelling good, check out this article: Hygiene Tips for wearing the Sockless Trend

Wear the right attitude!

This trend is an easy one to pull off but, many guys hesitate to try it because it is a great shift from the conventional socks and shoes look. However, with a bit of confidence, almost any guy, however shy or outgoing, can rock this look. So, be confident and strut this trend in style!

Well, these are all the pointers you need to wear the sockless trend properly. Get ready to slip off those socks and go sockless in style!


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