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5 Crucial Steps to Help you succeed in the Music Industry

We see movies like ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Rock On’ and are inspired by the success stories of the protagonists. All of us, who love to listen to and create music, have at some point harboured dreams of making it big in the music industry. We too have envisioned ourselves standing on a brightly-lit stage, surrounded by rapturous fans, belting out chart-toppers to a crowd that sways to and delights in the music we create. However, with the amount of competition that exists, fulfilling this dream can be a little difficult, but definitely not impossible. In order to succeed in the music industry, you need to have a plan along with persistence, as this will go a long way in helping you work towards your goal. Here are a couple of steps your plan must include to help you succeed in this melodious industry:


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Set Clear Goals, Define Success:

Before you start working towards achieving your goal, you first need to have a clear understanding of what your goal is. Without defining your idea of success, you won’t be able to create a comprehensive plan to get to there. So, ask yourself what success means to you and try to be as specific as possible. Does it mean working for a famous music composer? Does it mean becoming a playback singer? Or does it mean creating your own record label? Once you’ve decided on what you wish to achieve it’ll be easier for you set a plan of action in place.

Hone your talents:

Just being gifted is not enough. You have to persistently and relentlessly work towards honing those talents and skills. Some might prefer learning off the internet, but there’s nothing like receiving formal training and education in music. Being part of a music academy has many benefits, learning at the hands of professionals and availing quality music facilities are just some of the plus points. The biggest pro however is the kind of exposure these academies give you and the number of contacts you can make here.

True School of Music is one such music academy in India that provides professional training, world-class facilities and enriching exposure to students desirous of making a name in the music industry. To know more about this academy, visit this link: The True School of Music

Form Connections and Contacts:

To gain a foothold in the music industry, you need recommendations and “good words put in for you.” For this, you need to have the right contacts and connections. To come into the radar influencers in the music industry, interact with them and appreciate their efforts via social media platforms. Attend/play at concerts and make connections with fellow musicians, intern at music companies or with music composers to get more familiar with the who’s who in the industry. Leave no stone unturned in your efforts to rub shoulders with the big guys in the business, at the end of the day; it is this that can give you the much-needed push into the industry.

Promote Yourself:

This is not the same as forming connections. To promote yourself and your work, be active on social media platforms. Give people a taste of your talent by creating original pieces and uploading it on YouTube. Take up gig opportunities, however small, as this is the best way to showcase your talent to a larger audience. You can even go the instructional way and take tuitions. Gradually, more people will learn about and witness your talent and this can help you bag a big opportunity in the long run.

Be Accommodating and Versatile:

No one’s asking you to be a jack of all trades and it’s definitely good to have an individual style, but, be prepared to experiment and try out different avenues, at least in the beginning. Understand the current vibe and trends in music and the type of music the audiences in your niche like listening too. Work upon your style to create something that people will understand and enjoy. Also, don’t be picky about the opportunities you agree to take up, however small and insignificant; an opportunity is after all just that, an opportunity. So, be accommodating and accepting in your approach.

With these pointers to give you direction, your own persevering efforts and lots of faith, hope and courage, you’re sure to be able to make something of yourself in this competitive, coveted industry. All the best!


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