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Interior Emulsions: The Complete Guide on Interior Paint Finishes

Painting the interiors is the best way to give a home a makeover. It isn’t surprising then that many of us paint our homes before festivals or important family events. Immediately, our homes look clean, the walls, elegant and attractive. It’s like you’re stepping into a new flat, one that is a thousand times more beautiful than your old one. Only, it isn’t new. It’s the same one that holds all your memories!

What confuses us though, when choosing paints for our interiors, is the finish we should opt for. Many of us are not even aware of the range of finishes available. Well, here is an article that will put an end to your worries for it lists out the range of finishes available, the pros and cons of each finish and the rooms they should be used in. Read on to sharpen your knowledge on interior emulsions!


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Flat or Matte Finish:
This paint doesn’t reflect light the way its glossier counterparts do and hence is ideal for hiding imperfections. So, if your walls are pockmarked with bumps, indents, cracks and other imperfections, this paint finish will magically make your walls look smooth and flawless. It is also a finish that can be touched up easily because its smooth finish doesn’t reveal patchwork signs. On the con side however, this paint finish tends to wear away faster and is also not as wipe-able as other interior emulsions. This paint is ideal for painting ceilings and walls with lots of defects.

Eggshell Finish:
If you don’t know how this finish looks, just picture the shell of an egg. This paint finish has that exact low, slightly-textured sheen you see on an eggshell. It is more durable than flat paint and is also easier to clean, making it a great choice of paint finish to be used in any room. Only slightly glossy, this paint finish too does a great job of covering up imperfections.

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Satin Finish:
Glossier than eggshell paint, but not as shiny as semi-gloss paint, this paint finish has a subtle sheen that makes your walls look elegant. Its glossiness makes it a lot easier to clean and so is a great paint finish for rooms like the kitchen, bathroom or even the children’s playroom. It can also be used for painting on wood work. On the con side, however, this finish is difficult to touch up owing to its glossiness.

Semi-gloss Finish:
This high-gloss paint is extremely easy to clean and hence becomes the perfect paint finish for rooms that are exposed to a lot of traffic. It is also a great finish to be used in rooms that are exposed to water and grease like the kitchen and bathroom. Some people use this finish for painting cabinets and doors too so that they can be wiped down whenever required. Another pro is that this paint is extremely durable and lasts for a good number of years. A negative is that, like all other glossy emulsions, this finish cannot be touched up easily.

Glossy or High-gloss Finish:
As the name suggest, this is the shiniest, glossiest interior emulsion around. It is also super durable and super wipe-able. The texture of this paint finish is exquisite, giving your walls a satiny-smooth, silky feel. However, one of the biggest cons of this finish is that it is impossible to touch up. Applying spot touch ups will result in the formation of a noticeable ‘ring,’ drawing attention towards the area where the new paint has been applied. It also magnifies imperfections, making them look deeper and more pronounced. This paint finish is ideal for painting furniture as it mimics the high-gloss look of enamel or plastic.

Hope this article helps you make smarter choices when choosing a finish for your interiors. Happy Decorating!


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