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5 Reasons why we Love Food-related Shows & Movies

I’m a sucker for food-related movies. When those delectable, scrumptious dishes appear on the big screen, I can almost feel the drool trickle down my face! In fact, I firmly believe that the only thing better than food is a movie on food and I have a sneaking suspicion that there are many such food voyeurs out there. Why else do people stay glued to cooking programs when they know they won’t bother trying out any of the dishes shown? This twisted human tendency, of liking to watch food on film, alone can explain the success and popularity of programs like ‘Man vs. Food,’ ‘Two Fat Ladies,’ ‘Anthony Bourdain No Reservations’ and a ton of other shows that depict food in various states of gloriousness.

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Intrigued by this observation, I decided to spend some time contemplating the reasons behind why we enjoy watching cinematic depictions of food. These are my findings-

Everything seems larger than life
The tiniest blob of chocolate or shred of meat is magnified a million times. So that mini burger is now a super-size-me one, that pizza slice looks big enough to satisfy the hunger of a feeding blue whale and that glazed chicken is not glazed chicken anymore. Yes, it’s heaven on earth!

*Sigh* isn’t it just wonderful to see so much food?

In reel life, everything seems a million times more appetizing!
The tomatoes seem plumper, the cakes fluffier, the burgers chunkier and gravy is just so much thicker and creamier and well, yummier! Whatever happens to all the food when it actually reaches our plate, right?

Vicariousness allows you to sample all you know you never can
Most of us do not possess the funds required to travel to those famed gourmet destinations. Our subconscious mind knows this bitter truth and so we travel to these destinations and sample these culinary delights through the eyes and taste buds of the gluttonous host.

Well, something’s better than nothing.

It teases your appetite and wills you to eat anything placed in front of you
Let’s not deny it, these shows perk up our appetites like nothing else. When we see all those yummy dishes, we feel like we have to chomp down on something, anything, even boring homemade food will do. That’s probably how most of us get through our dinners anyway.

We can look at food, imagine tasting it and yet, not worry about cheating on our diets
We can gape at this array of extremely fattening dishes, picture ourselves eating them, and yet we don’t have to worry about actually putting on weight, because well, we haven’t really swallowed a single morsel of any of it, right?

These were the reasons I could think of. Agree with me? If you don’t, you’re probably more of a soap opera person than a cooking show person or you’re a delusional moron who has trouble accepting reality.

Nah… You’re not. To make up for my meanness, here’s an article that reviews this absolutely delightful movie, ‘Chef.’ A movie full of heart-wrenching scenes and mouth-watering food, read on to know why you should add it to your must-watch list. Chef 2014 Review


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