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Customizing Coffee Mugs: What are the Types of Mugs Available?

Don’t we just love sipping a cup of warm coffee in the morning? But, what’s more amazing is sipping coffee out of a cool cup that has your favourite quote or a funny joke on it! Yes, personalized coffee mugs make for a great gifting idea because everyone, the young and old alike, love these quirky coffee mugs! So, make this your next gift and bring a big smile to your friend’s face. Before you place your order however, you should be fully aware of the kinds of mugs available. This will help you choose the right mug for gifting. Read on to brush up your knowledge on the same.

Image courtesy: nexpeditor

White Mugs:
Although this might have a slightly official feel, white mugs are the best kind of mugs to customize. This is because the white background makes images and text look clearer and brighter. Also, any colour looks good on a white background so you don’t have to worry about colours not matching or clashing.

Black Mugs/Coloured Mugs:
Black mugs or self-coloured mugs are also nice options for coffee mugs printing. Over here though, you’ll have to be a little careful when selecting your artwork as these colours should not clash with the colour of the mug.

Colour Changing Mugs:
Magic mugs make for great gifts, especially for children. These custom coffee mugs look extremely chic, and if customized creatively, make for unique and interesting presents. The attractive aspect of these photo coffee mugs is that they look plain at room temperature, and as a hot beverage is poured into it, changes colour to reveal the design or photo present on them! Opt for black colour changing mugs as they are the most stylish-looking.

Impressions ID offers a wide range of mugs to personalize, including these magical colour changing ones! Avail of their products and services by visiting this link: Impressions ID

Coloured Mugs with a White Patch:
These mugs too have a chic, contemporary appeal. The printing is done on the white patch and not anywhere else on the body. The best part about this mug is that you get to choose bright, bold colours without worrying about them interfering with the colour of your artwork and the white background helps neutralize things.

Mugs with Colour on the Inside:
These mugs pack in a bit of surprise since the exterior of the mug is white but the interior has a bright, peppy colour. So, these mugs are safe to customize but are also attractive to look at, unlike plain white mugs.

Metallic Coffee Mugs:
Metallic coffee mugs look wonderful since they have a shiny, sparkling finish. The glitter effect stays intact even after customization, so no worries there. Some companies offer gold and silver colour options, while some offer many more. So, do your research before placing an order.

Well, hope this article gave you a gist of the kinds of coffee mugs available for customization. Choose the right mug as per your requirement and budget. Happy Gifting!


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