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5 Reasons why Men must include Squats in Their Fitness Regime

This is one exercise that tends to be glorified, a lot. Everybody is talking about squats and how beneficial they are for your body. However, they are also very tiring and hence, many of us conveniently avoid adding this exercise to our fitness regimes. Big mistake. Squatting is extremely beneficial, especially for men, as it not only strengthen and tones your legs but also improves your stamina and balance. Here are 5 reasons why you must include squats in your fitness routine:

Image courtesy: livestrong

Strengthens Muscles in your Entire Body
Squatting no doubt strengthens legs muscles, but if done properly it builds muscles all over your body. Squats increase upper and lower body strength and build muscle mass. Hence, with this simple exercise, you can enjoy full-body fitness!

Improves Joint Flexibility:
Squatting improves the flexibility of your ankles, knees, hip and lower back as all these parts are utilized when performing squats. It also makes all these parts stronger and so you’ll be less likely to face injuries or knee and joint problems as you age.

Helps you perform Real-life Activities Better:
Squatting is a functional exercise, i.e. it strengthens those muscles that you use in day-to-day activities like running, jumping, walking, etc. Hence, by strengthening these muscles, everyday functions and movements become easier to perform. Squatting also improves balance, thereby making you lesser prone to accidental falls as you age.

Strengthens Core Muscles:
Squatting develops the core muscles of the body, mainly your abs and lower back muscles. So, by performing squats you can gain a tighter, flatter abdomen and a stronger lower back. This will not only keep you in good shape, but also keep back problems at bay!

Helps you burn Fat:
Squatting is quite an intense exercise and so you tend to sweat a lot when performing them. This will help you burn fat and stay fit. Squatting also strengthens muscles and develops muscle mass. This too helps burn more calories per day

Now that you know the key benefits of squats, don’t forget to add this exercise to your fitness regime and perform them faithfully. However, since squatting is a rigorous exercise, keep these pointers in mind while exercising: 8 Squatting Tips you Must Keep in Mind


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