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5 Amazing Kitchen Color Ideas to Spice up your Kitchen Decor!

When choosing colours for our homes, we place a lot of importance on selecting the right colours for the living room and the bedrooms. The kitchen however, receives cursory attention. What an unfair practise as the kitchen is, in many ways, the most important and loved room in a home! It is in here that the family dines together, and it is in here that those scrumptious, delicious meals are prepared. By creating an inviting ambience in the kitchen, you can make sit-down family dinners feel so much more special and enjoyable. Besides, a well-decorated, smartly coloured kitchen also peps up the mood of whoever spends time in here.

When choosing colours for the kitchen, keep a purpose in mind. Decide whether you want your kitchen to look warm and cozy or would you rather it be colourful or do you want to go in for a muted look. Picturizing the end result will make it easier when selecting colours. Irrespective of your theme, here are a couple of colour ideas that look really good for the kitchen.

1. Calming Blues

Infuse your kitchen with a cool, breezy appeal by painting the walls blue. You needn’t paint all the walls with the same hue; choose lighter and darker shades of the colour to make your kitchen look more interesting. White, light brown and dark brown furniture goes well with blue walls.

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Image courtesy: vissbiz

2. Lively Greens

Give your kitchen an eco-friendly look by painting the walls a bright or pale green. Greens are a fitting colour for the kitchen because it unconsciously reminds us food. (The vegetarian kind.) It is also a versatile colour as it goes well with white, brown, grey and cream furniture. Opt for paler hues for a muted look and brighter, bolder shades for a touch of vibrancy.
Image courtesy: housetohome

3. Buttery Yellows and Browns

Make your kitchen look as appetizing as the food cooked in it by painting it in hues of yellow and brown. Opt for the creamier, food-inspired shades like butter-yellow, mustard, caramel and wheat. These colours are sure to make you think about food the moment you enter the kitchen!
Image courtesy: seasonsforallathome

4. Tomato Red

Some might consider this too strong a shade for the kitchen. But, I have seen red kitchens and can vouch for their beauty and elegance. Painting the walls of your kitchen red will instantly brighten up the space and add cheerful charm to the room. However, since this is an overpowering colour, apply it on just one wall. If applying it on all the walls, choose furniture in light colours like white, grey or silver.
Image courtesy: hgtv

5. Tangy oranges:

This might seem like a risky colour for your kitchen, but if applied smartly, this colour can make your kitchen look incredibly chic. The trick again is to target just one wall, or balance out the colour by opting for furniture in pale, muted colours. With bright pumpkin orange walls, dark grey, light grey or white furniture blends the best.
Image courtesy: cupboardsonline

Hope you found these kitchen colour ideas useful. Put in some thought while selecting colours for your kitchen this time and give it an interesting, stylish makeover! Happy Decorating!


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