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Tips to Select & Custom Print Lanyards

Are you one of those people who don’t know what lanyards are? Well, don’t be embarrassed because many of us fall into this category. Lanyards, more commonly known as ‘cords,’ are those pieces of fabric from which I-cards are suspended. An important item for schools, colleges and other official institutions, lanyards can be customized to publicize your institution and create awareness about an issue.


Image courtesy: mybadges

However, there are several kinds of lanyards available in the market and so you, as the buyer, might find it difficult to decide which type suits your needs best. Here are a couple of tips to help you make the right selection.

Pay attention to the fabric of the lanyard. Polyester lanyards are tough and inexpensive, making it the perfect choice for school or college Id-cards. Nylon lanyards are tough, but they are also smooth and so are perfect for printing detailed logos. Woven lanyards are extremely sturdy and are ideal for employees working in rough, outdoor environments. Silk lanyards look very stylish and are equally expensive. They are a great choice for management staff, or if you want to give your establishment a classy impression. So, keep in mind the purpose of the lanyard and who will be using it before selecting a material.

Selecting the right clasp too is important. Tear drop hooks allow you to detach the ID-card when required and is a popular choice among corporates. It is also the most expensive type of clasp. The trigger hook is a cheaper alternative to the tear drop hook. Swivel hooks and plastic hooks are light-weight, inexpensive and perfect for cards that will be used just twice or thrice. You could also choose to have the card permanently fixed to the cord.

Another important aspect is the type of cord you select. Some cords come with a snap buckle. This buckle allows you to detach the lower part of the cord along with the ID so that you can carry the ID around without the cord. Other cords feature a safety buckle that opens on its own if the cord is placed under any kind of strain. This helps prevent accidental injury or rope burns from occurring.

You could also choose to custom print the lanyard. You could print just the logo of your organization or the entire name and address. You could also add graphic images to make the lanyard look more attractive. For a touch of elegance, you could opt for foil printing that makes use of silver, gold or even rainbow coloured foils for printing. If you wish buy lanyards or custom print lanyards, ImpressionsID a helps you do this and more with ease. Offering the widest selection of custom lanyards, ImpressionsID is the perfect place to order your lanyards from.


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