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Coffee Mug Printing Ideas: What to Print on Customized Coffee Mugs?

Gifting is an art. Sometimes, the most inexpensive gifts become the most unforgettable ones, and experts in the art of gifting know this. The best gifts are those that strike a chord with the person, something that rekindles a cherished memory, or highlights a particular trait or deed of an individual.Coffee mug printing helps you do just this and hence, makes for the perfect gift for individuals of any age.

Wondering what to print on the mug? Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Quotes/ Jokes:

Printing motivational quotes or humorous jokes on coffee mugs is a great idea. Since most people start their days with a steaming cup of coffee, this quote or joke might be the first thing they read in a day. Nothing like starting your day with a saying that peps up your mood. So, pay attention to the quote or joke you get printed on the mug and make sure it is really meaningful or funny. You could also print on a quote that is dear to the person you’re gifting the mug too, for e.g., something said by his/her parent, grandparent or friend. This way, you’re gift will be a lot more special and meaningful than merely being a coffee mug.


Image courtesy: funny-pictures.picphotos


Image courtesy: zazzle


Here, the sky is the limit. Pictures look great on mugs and the best part is that you can cover the mug with any kind of picture you want too. Whether it is your friend’s favourite cartoon, movie star, place, or a photo of your group or your friend himself, a picture/photo is a great way to give coffee mugs a personal touch. Make sure that the picture you choose means something to the person you’re gifting it too. Also, choose a picture that is brightly coloured to make the mug look attractive.


Image courtesy: zazzle


This is a great coffee mug gifting idea and can really draw some hearty laughs. Choose a dialogue that means something to your friend, like a dialogue from his favourite movie or a sentence that he says often. You could also convey a personal message to your friend through this gifting idea.


Image courtesy: wbshop

Sun Sign Messages:

This is a great coffee mug printing idea, especially if you’re gifting the mug on a birthday. Most people are intrigued by the Sun Sign phenomenon and are curious to understand themselves or know more about their personality traits through these signs. So, depending on your friend’s Sun Sign, print out the traits, strengths and weaknesses of that sign. To make it more personal, write the message in first person and include your friend’s name and photo in the copy!


Image courtesy: sweetcouch


Printing logos are a fun coffee mug printing idea. You can print your friend’s favourite super hero logo, or a logo you’ve created yourself, or a logo of his/her favourite brand, company, channel network, etc. It is also a great idea for companies gifting their employees.


Image courtesy: sz-wholesale

Hope these coffee mug printing ideas help you add a special touch to your gifts! Happy Gifting!

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