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8 Fun Things to do this Monsoon

The beautiful monsoons are here. Rhythmic rainfall washes clean the dust and infuses our surroundings with new energy. Freshness pervades the atmosphere and all around there is an abundance of greenery. Make this monsoon season more enjoyable by indulging in some fun activities. Here are 8 things you can do to have a truly amazing monsoon season!

Catch up over a Coffee

Nothing like sipping hot coffee on a cold, rainy day, and nothing like indulging in an interesting conversation over it. While the delicious, steaming brew delights your taste buds, a thought-provoking, laughter-inducing conversation will invigorate your senses and lift up your mood. So, enjoy the magic of both on a cloudy, drizzly day. Sip your warm ‘cup of happiness’ indoors or in a sea-facing coffee shop outdoors. As you stay nestled in your cosy haven, don’t forget to appreciate nature’s beauty through the nearest window.

Image courtesy: lovethispic

Snack on Piping Hot Bhajis and Chai

I, for one, cannot imagine going through the monsoons without indulging in this classic combination. Having been brought up on spicy-hot food and deep-fried, crunchy snacks, a plate of hot, flavourful bhajis is what I crave for on chilly, rainy days. Gorge on warm, golden brown onion bhajis or a plateful of crispy potato bhajis. After you’ve had your fill of these delicious snacks, wash down the flavours with a piping hot cup of ‘adharak waali chai.’ (Ginger-flavoured tea)


Image courtesy: ta5tebuds.blogspot


On days when torrential downpours storm and rage outdoors, save yourself from getting drenched by staying home. To while away the hours, engross yourself in an interesting book. Position your chair close to the window so that you can soak in the beauty of the rains while you read. Keep a warm cup of tea close at hand as it is usually the best accompaniment to a good book.


Image courtesy: rebloggy

Go for a Walk, with or without an Umbrella

When it rains, a minty freshness pervades the atmosphere, like Mother Nature has been chewing on potent mouth fresheners. Cooling water droplets dampen and nourish the dry soil and all around there is a burst of greenery. Soak in nature’s beauty by going out for a peaceful stroll. To truly enjoy the blissful rains, keep off cemented roads and seek out muddy, unpaved paths instead. Go without your umbrella if wish to feel pleasant sensation of falling rain on your skin.

The monsoons can be a tricky time for your skin, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. Here are a few monsoon skin care tips you should follow to keep your skin safe: Skin Care Tips for Monsoon


Image courtesy: skepticsaint.blogspot

Eat Bhutta at Marine Drive

This is something every Mumbaite must do! Marine Drive is one of the most scenic locations in Mumbai. Sitting on the ledge that lines the spacious promenade, one is treated to a picturesque sight of foamy waves crashing against uniquely-carved rocks and a glistening, rippling water surface. Coupled with the pleasant sight of falling rain, this is one of the most beautiful places during the monsoon. Munch on a warm, chilly-powder-and-salt enhanced corn kernel (bhutta) while ‘soaking’ in the calming sights around you.


Image courtesy: flickriver

Wear something Neon

During monsoons, the cloudy sky seems to magically cast a grey shadow over the earth. Our surroundings seem darker than usual, like when the brightness in sucked out of a photograph. Spread some brightness and colour all around by wearing brightly coloured clothes, and what can be brighter than a happy neon hue!  You don’t have to parade around like a fluorescence-loving clown. Wear just a few neon items like a neon belt or shoes or umbrella. Be colourful and spread some happiness!


Image courtesy: fash-on-mix.blogspot

Jump in a Puddle

You might think this is a very juvenile thing to do, and you are right in thinking so. But, don’t underestimate the exhilaration and happiness this childish activity can bring you. Splashing about in puddles is fun. Icy-cold water engulfs your feet, sending a chill up your spine and you hear the melodious gurgling sound of forcefully-displaced water when you jump about. So, stomp around in muddy puddles and feel a childlike happiness creeping over you.


Image courtesy:

Listen to the pitter-patter of falling raindrops

Simply do this and nothing else. Stand next to your window, or out in the open and just listen to sound of rainfall. It feels like everything in your surroundings, from the shivering puppies on the street to the solid iron trucks to the lush green trees are bathing under a mammoth shower. Listen to the trickling, dripping, splashing and pitter-pattering sounds. It is one of nature’s most beautiful symphonies!


Image courtesy: youtube

Well, after reading this article, I’m sure you will be in no position to complain of boredom during the rains. Hope you have a wonderful monsoon season! Stay safe, stay happy!


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