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Interesting IPL Facts and Trivia Every Fan Must Know!


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So you religiously follow every season of the IPL. But, do you remember when and why the IPL was started? If you do, congratulations! You possess a quality that is vital for becoming a true fan, i.e. a good memory. If you don’t, here’s a bit of trivia to refresh your memory.

  • The IPL was launched in 2008 by Lalit Modi, a man whose association with the sport was at one time famous and now, unfortunately, infamous. It was started as a competitive response to the ICL (Indian Cricket League) and thankfully, enjoyed and continues to enjoy a more amiable relationship with the BCCI than the ill-fated ICL.
  • The debut run of the IPL saw eight teams compete, with each team having a minimum of 16 players. The attention-grabbing tournament lasted for 44 days, offering viewers 59 interesting and competitive matches to cheer for.
  • The very first IPL match was played between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. KKR emerged victorious, making it the first team to have won an IPL match.


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Like every famous sporting event, the IPL too has been dogged with its fair share of controversies. From scams to suspensions to unceremonious on-field brawls, the IPL gives us a steady stream of scandalous events to gossip about. Let’s take a look at the ones that incited maximum furore.

  • The first IPL season itself gave us sensational news, with Harbhajan allegedly slapping Sreesanth. Videos of an inconsolable Sreesanth went viral on the net and almost every newspaper devoted its front page to dissecting, analyzing and criticizing the event.
  • Bollywood’s King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan made headlines after revealing his not-so-romantic side and getting into a scuffle with the stadium staff at Wankhede. The event received much media attention with the stadium staff questioning King Khan’s sobriety levels and King Khan questioning their language, manner and conduct towards his children.
  • We also remember the shocking sacking of Lalit Modi minutes before the IPL 2010 presentation ceremony could commence. Ironically, he was the founder of the very tournament he was sacked from.
  • Another event that incited much debate and public outrage was that of the spot-fixing scandal that came out into the open last May. With key players like S Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila being accused of spot-fixing, IPL fans around the world were seething with disgust and distrust.


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The IPL prides itself on introducing a lot of firsts. For the first time, Indian cricket got a taste of the American, franchise-system based style of hiring players. Initially, it was a little unsettling for devout Indian team fans to see their favourite players from the same team go head-to-head on the field.

The IPL was also the first sporting event in India to introduce the concept of cheerleading. Many were fascinated, and many were mortified. But, cheerleading surely did give everyone a lot to talk about. When the more conservative sections of our society began expressing concerns over the dresses worn by these Pardesi hotties, many teams switched to dressing their cheerleaders in ethnic wear, like the Pune Warriors’ ‘Cheer Queens.’


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The IPL is also one of the most expensive sporting events. In 2008, Sony paid $1 billion for the broadcasting rights over a ten-year period. In 2013, Pepsi paid close to $72 million to be the official sponsors of the event. Apart from this, every season, millions of dollars are exchanged between owners and players in a bid to capitalize on talent and create a strong team.

Lastly, the IPL enjoys so much popularity that in 2010, it became the first sporting event to be broadcast live on YouTube!

Hope you enjoyed these little bits of IPL trivia. Keep watching the IPL and supporting your favourite team!

The 7th edition of the biggest T20 tournament has come to an end. Missed a couple of matches? Here is a cool animated infograph that gives you important stats from this years’ game:  IPL 2014 Statistics Infograph


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