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10 Fun Facts about Pizzas: Bet You Didn’t Know These!

A Pizza is such a popular snack/lunch/dinner item that I believe it is deserving of a ‘fun fact’ list dedicated to itself. (Normally, this list is reserved for grander subjects like the Leaning Tower of Pizza and the Mona Lisa, but I have flouted this norm as I think the humble pizza is as loved as either of these two worldly wonders.)


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Fun Fact 1:

American’s love pizza. (No, this isn’t the fact.) The fun fact is that they consume about 100 acres of pizza each day. This works up to around 350 slices per second. (Whoa! True love it is!)

Fun Fact 2:

The highest number of pizza deliveries ever recorded was made the night the American football player O. J. Simpson attempted to flee the police in his famous car chase. I guess this was because people were glued to their television sets and didn’t want to budge from there. (This fact also proves another fact, that we are all quite voyeuristic by nature!)

Fun Fact 3:

 We all love extra toppings but we mostly stick to conventional options like pepperoni, sausages and mushrooms. People in Japan like a more exotic kind of topping, like that of squid and Mayo Jaga  (which is a mixture of mayo, potato and bacon.) Russians, on the other hand are a sucker for a topping called Moskva, which is a mix of sardines, mackerel, tuna, salmon and red onions! (Anybody finds this mix ‘fishy?’)

Fun Fact 4:

Are you insanely impatient? Do you absolutely despise the word ‘slow?’ If yes, then you’ll love this fact. The world record for fastest pizza making is currently held at 2 minutes 35 seconds in which 14 pizzas were made. Can I hire this pizza maker please!

Fun Fact 5:

When it comes to tipping the pizza delivery boy/girl, women are known to be better tippers. On an average, a woman tips 3 times more than men. Now I’m not sure if this is because of the quality of the pizza or the good looks of the pizza delivery guy or because women are just nicer and less stingy by nature.

Fun Fact 6:

Contrary to popular belief, and at the risk of offending the Italians, it is believed that the first pizza was actually made by the Greeks. The tunic-sporting, theatre-loving Grecians used to bake large, round, flat breads and top them with spices, vegetables and olive oil. Quite similar to our contemporary pizzas, right?

Fun Fact 7:

This fact might make some of you’ll cringe, especially if you’re health conscious or if you have a strict policy against eating leftovers. It has been found that nearly 40% of families who order pizza for dinner end up eating the leftovers for breakfast. Happens in your family too?

Fun Fact 8:

Are you one of those people who love cheese so much that you cannot imagine eating a pizza that doesn’t have enough of it? Well, if you had to be born before the 1800s, you wouldn’t be so lucky because the early versions of pizzas did not include cheese and tomatoes. It was only in 1889, when Chef Raffaele Esposito made a special pizza for Queen Margherita that he added cheese, tomato and basil to it. I guess the resulting masterpiece must’ve been much loved because today, no pizza is made without these 3 ingredients.

Fun Fact 9:

Most people like to have a substantial and healthy breakfast, with items like eggs, bacon, toast and cereals on the menu. But, some people don’t, because they like just one thing on the menu; you guessed it, pizza! Studies have found the 36% of Americans consider pizza the perfect breakfast food. Wait, you do too???

Fun Fact 10:

Are you the esteemed pizza gobbler of your group? Do you pride yourself on being able to eat a pizza so fast that it disappears before anybody can reach for a slice? Well, try going up against this guy- Peter Czerwinski. He holds a record for eating a 12 inch pizza the fastest, i.e. in 41.31 seconds. Yes, seconds!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these fun pizza facts. I also hope that all the pizza talk has left you craving for a warm and delicious cheesy pizza. If it has, don’t bother leaving your couch to buy a pizza. Stay indoors and order online! You can order pizza online from this site:

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