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How to Prevent Hair Breakage? 5 Tips for Stronger, Healthier Hair

Are you terrified of glancing at your brush after you’ve run it through your hair? This is a feeling shared by most of us who suffer from hair breakage. You see copious amounts of hair strands hanging limply from your brush and begin to visualize a balding you. If you don’t want your future you to look like this, it is important to take timely steps to prevent hair breakage. Here are a couple of tips to help you do just that!

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Trim your Hair Often:

A trim and a haircut are two different things, so don’t shy away from getting a trim out of the fear that it’ll reduce your hair length. Regular trims get rid of dry, damaged and split ends and this protects and improves the quality of your hair. So, ask a trained stylist to trim the bottom ¼ or ½ inch of your hair every 2 to 3 months.

Use a Good Shampoo & Conditioner:

Select a shampoo and conditioner that are especially formulated to treat hair fall and strengthen weak hair. The Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong range from Matrix is perfect for fragile hair. This range offers effective anti-hair fall products that are proven to reduce hair breakage by up to 95% in a single application. Head to a Fiberstrong salon expert near you to avail of these anti-hair fall products and services that are designed to protect, nourish and strengthen hair.

Be Gentle with your Hair:

At times, when we are in a hurry, we tend to be careless and rough with our hair. Whether this involves de-tangling knots with force, haphazardly bunching our hair using tight rubber bands or stepping out of the house without drying our hair, all these practices are extremely harmful and tend to damage hair strands.

To avoid this, brush your hair gently using a large-toothed comb, use soft, padded rubber bands to tie your hair, stick to lose hairstyles and always, always dry your hair before stepping outdoors.

Go Easy on Styling Tools:

If you cannot do without your hair iron, curling rod or blow dryer even for a single day, your hair is in for deep trouble. All these tools produce immense heat that dries and damages hair strands and makes them weak. If you absolutely cannot do without your styling tools, make sure to apply a heat protecting serum on your hair before styling it.

Protect Your Hair when you Step Outdoors:

Don’t expose your hair to the sun’s sharp rays or to strong winds. The former will dry out your hair and the latter will cause hair strands to get entangled and eventually, break. Tie a scarf over your head when stepping outdoors to protect your delicate tresses. Similarly, remember to wash your hair before and after stepping into a pool as this will reduce the damaged caused by chlorine.

Hope you found these tips useful. However, one needs to remember that caring for your hair is something that needs to be done regularly and not once in a blue moon. So, keep these tips in mind and follow them regularly.  You will surely see an improvement in the quality and strength of your hair.

If you have strong, healthy hair, you can go right ahead and colour it without fear. Add those highlights, streaks and two-tones, because with healthy hair, you can have fun without having to worry about hair problems. Wan’t to colour your hair? No need to splurge your hard-earned dough. Get the necessary items and colour away at home! Here’s how to colour your hair at home like a professional: How to Colour your Hair? Your Step By Step Guide to Compliments


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