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10 Ways to Get Over a Bad Mood

A bad mood can be a real downer. It makes you want to curl up into a ball and stay in bed. But, considering the fact that our lives are pretty short, all the curling up and lying in bed can be a real waste of precious time. So, don’t give into your bad mood. Instead, take steps to pep up your mood and get back on your feet. Here are a few things you can do to get over your bad mood.


Remember what the Kung Fu master Shifu did when the bumbling panda Po was shockingly chosen as the Dragon Warrior? He meditated to get over the shock and subsequently to calm his anger every time Po goofed up. Take inspiration from this great and wise one and try meditating for a while. It will surely make you feel more positive and happy.

To know more about the benefits of meditation, which I strongly suggest you do as many of us don’t really know what meditation is all about, read this article: Surprising Benefits of Meditation on Your Health!


Image courtesy: kungfupanda.wikia

Call up a friend:

Call up that one friend who is always accused of never being serious about anything in life. Sometimes, a dose of biting sarcasm and silly humour directed towards the ‘serious’ things in life is what we actually need to help us see the brighter side of things.

Watch a talk show or a video of your favourite stand-up comedian

Humour is a great bad mood buster, so enjoy a long, hearty laugh. And who better to make you laugh than your favourite stand-up comedian or talk show host?


Image courtesy: crazyhyena

Go through old photographs

Photographs magically revive the good times we’ve enjoyed and this packs a real punch to the blues. So, go through your toothless baby photographs or that entire album that holds evidence of your bestie making an ass of himself. Then, call up your bestie and remind him how he made an ass of himself.

Read inspiring poems/quotes

Most poems and quotes have been penned by individuals who have experienced life’s challenging trials and have succeeded in overcoming them. Reading these outpourings will remind you that, with a bit of courage and positivity, the human spirit can overcome almost anything. What’s to stop you then?


This one might seem difficult to do, especially when even the sparrow at your window seems to be telling you your life is truly miserable. But, if you push yourself to engage in a couple of minutes of rigorous exercise, you’re sure to feel a zillion times better. Go for a jog, a swim or even a swift walk and you’ll experience a sense of positivity seeping into your consciousness.

Pet an animal

Because you might get slapped if you pet a human being. Just kidding. But petting an animal can really put you in a good mood, and the best part is that animals always appreciate and reciprocate the love they get. (This being said, don’t pet a mad dog.) So, give a stray puppy a cuddle or feed a hungry cat and spread some love in the animal world.


Image courtesy:

Eat a chocolate

Whether you’re young, old or somewhere in between, rely on a yummy bar of dark chocolate to put you in a good mood. Scientists too agree with this train of thought and they’re sufficiently more educated than me. So, always keep a bar of your favourite chocolate close at hand and the next time your boss yells at you, pull out your chocolate and noisily munch on it.

Listen to music

Music is therapy. So, listen to your favourite singer or play your favourite song on repeat. It’ll help divert your mind and also soothe your troubled senses. Singing and dancing helps too, however, restrain your vocal chords and eager feet when you’re in public.

Remind yourself that you’re a fighter

Remind yourself of the hard times you’ve been through and focus on how you overcame them. Tell yourself that you have what it takes to be a winner and that you’re actually a really brave badass at heart. Self-belief is a very powerful emotion and can make you feel better about yourself and happier about life.


Image courtesy: onlinemoviequotes

Hope these tips bring a smile to your face. Be happy and stay positive!


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