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Men’s Skin Care Myths – Busted!


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Myth 1: Manly men don’t use sunscreen

Not only is this a ridiculous myth, it is also a very sexist one. Are ‘manly’ men supposed to ignore the health and well-being of their skin? Guys, sunscreen doesn’t only prevent tanning, it also protects against skin cancer and delays skin ageing. So, manly or not, sunscreen is something you should be applying religiously in summer. Besides, according to a recent survey conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology, 65% of men use sunscreen when outdoors. There, now you know you won’t be the odd man out if you do start toting a tube of sunscreen around!

Myth 2: Washing your face repeatedly will reduce excess oil and make it look less oily

This myth is widely believed to be true. The effects of washing skin however, are just the opposite. When you wash your face too often, the sebaceous glands secrete more sebum to negate the drying effects of washing. As a result, you’re skin will get more oily than before. Hence, don’t wash your face too many times a day. After washing your face, make sure to apply a moisturizing lotion.

Myth 3: Face washes are for women. For real men, the good ol’ bar of soap is enough

The term ‘skin care’ might prompt a scornful sneer from many men as several of them believe that it is something only women stress over. With such a mentality, it isn’t surprising then that many men shy away from using a face wash too. However, don’t let these misconceptions deter you from going ahead and using one. In fact, if you care about your skin, you should use a face wash as opposed to a bar of soap. Regular soap tends to be very harsh and will dry out your skin. A face wash on the other hand is gentle on your skin and does a better job of cleansing skin pores. If you’re worried that you’re going to end up smelling like a ripe strawberry, worry no more as there are several face washes that are specially created for men. They have an intense, manly fragrance and are also very effective.

Myth 4: Lip Balm is a beauty product and should be used only by women

First of all, lip balm is not a beauty product; it is a lip care product. This means that it isn’t something used to emphasize or beautify lips. It is used to moisturize, soften and protect lips. If you find dry, chapped lips to be as painful and problematic as women do, then be smart and use a lip balm too! You needn’t select a coloured, fruit-flavoured lip balm. Instead, opt for a fragrance-free, colourless one. Also, choose one enriched with SPF as it will protect your lips from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Myth 5: Men age better than women

This is something you wish were true, but unfortunately, it isn’t. It is true that women age earlier than men, i.e. they display signs of ageing, like fine lines and wrinkles before men of the same age do. But, when men eventually do start ageing, it happens at an accelerated rate. Hence, men are likely to have deeper wrinkles and deeper lines than women. To minimize these signs of ageing it is necessary to take good care of your skin from an early age. Have a well thought of skin care routine in place and follow it faithfully. Also, you could try out anti-ageing creams and anti-ageing face masks to reduce spots, lines and wrinkles.

I hope this article has helped bust some age-old myths surrounding men’s skin care. Taking care of your skin is important for men and women alike. So, don’t shy away from using the necessary products or taking some time out to care for your skin. It will help you stay handsome and young-looking in the long run.

Wondering how to care for your skin in the hot, sweaty summer months?

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