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Summer Shoes for Men: 5 Must-have Footwear Items

During summer, picking the right footwear becomes extremely important because, just as the rest of our body, our feet too tend to sweat a lot during this sweltering season. Hence, to keep our feet healthy, hygienic and odour-free, one needs to wear shoes that are light and airy. Here are 5 footwear items that are perfect for summer as they are comfortable, keep sweat build-up to a minimum and are also incredibly stylish!


These are perfect for people who find flip-flops too casual and closed shoes too stuffy. Sandals are extremely comfortable for the sultry summer months. The strappy design leaves parts of your foot exposed, allowing it to breathe. There are several kinds of sandals available for both casual and formal wear, so pick one that is versatile enough to be worn to a range of occasions.


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Sneakers look great for summer, especially if you have to attend a slightly formal do, but don’t want to end up looking overdressed and stuffy for this warm season. Great for parties and casual strolls, sneakers look stylish and are extremely comfortable. Different styles of sneakers are available, so pick one or a couple of pairs that suit your taste. Remember, it’s summer, so the more funky and colourful, the better! (However, don’t underestimate the awesomeness of the classic white sneaker, for it shall never go out of style!)



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Boat shoes:

Summer would be incomplete without beach picnics, yacht parties and solitary boating trips. For all three occasions, boat shoes are the perfect choice of footwear. Also known as deck shoes, top-siders and uppers, these shoes are water-resistant, stain-proof and have white, non-marked rubber soles. These shoes ensure that your feet stay dry when you’re pacing the slippery deck. Apart from being functional, boat shoes look extremely stylish too, what with those elegant side lacing details! Easy to wear and take off, just slip-off these shoes if you feel like diving off your boat, into the blue.


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For those of you who strongly feel that flip-flops should only be worn indoors, or for taking out trash, espadrilles make for the perfect choice of summer footwear (when you want to step outdoors that is.) This rope-soled shoe is soft, comfortable and easy to slip on and off. The best part is that it keeps your toes covered, hiding your dirty feet and uncut toenails from view! These shoes look great for any occasion, so be it a trip to the beach, a barbecue party or a summer brunch, just slip these shoes on and you’re good to go. Don’t let rumours of it being a ‘girly’ shoe dissuade you from buying a pair because espadrilles were worn by suave gentlemen like JFK and Salvador Dali!



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This was almost a no-brainer. How can one imagine going through summer without a pair of airy, comfortable flip-flops?? Flip-flops are casual and look great on shorts. The best part about flip-flops is that they come in several trendy colours, and for summer, the more colourful, the better. Thongs too look stylish and their fine straps offer minimum coverage, keeping your feet cool and sweat-free. You could also opt for slides if you wish to try something different.



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This was about footwear for summer, but what attire? How does one stay cool yet stylish during these hot summer months? Here is an article that tells you what to include in your summer wardrobe so that you beat the heat in style.

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Summer can be a challenging season. Here are a couple of accessories that will help you stay cool and fashion forward this summer.

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