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The 3 Craziest Water Slides from Around the World

Water slides can set your heart racing, either with excitement and delight, or with panic and undisguisable fright! For those types, commonly known as thrill-seekers or adrenaline-junkies, water slides are synonymous with adventure. The riskier, crazier and scarier the slide, the better! If you too belong to that daredevil group that derives indescribable pleasure from plummeting down slippery slides and winding around steep turns and curves, here are three slides that you will absolutely want to try out, at least once in your life.

Wild Vortex

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Do you like subjecting your senses to sudden shocks that send your pulse racing? Do you enjoy the absolutely paralyzing feeling of free fall? Do you derive an adrenaline rush from dropping your body through heights at high speeds? If you’ve nodded your head vigorously in answer to all three questions, this crazy water slide is perfect for you! Called the Wild Vortex (for it is, indeed, wild) this water slide is not for the faint-hearted and definitely not for those think water slides are the world’s singularly most idiotic, life-threatening invention.

Located in the, ‘Wilderness at the Smokies’ Resort, this 66-foot tall water slide is sure to give adrenaline junkies more than their fair share of thrill. The ride begins with the rider standing vertically inside a launch capsule that has a trapdoor. The trapdoor open suddenly and the rider plummets to a 39-foot free-fall drop that generates maximum g-force. You then reach an inclined loop element before going through a straight course again and then exiting the slide. The entire ride is over within 7 seconds, but the memory of this adventurous ride is sure to last you a lifetime!



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To try out this ride, you have to be the father of all daredevils, because humble daredevilry alone won’t suffice. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as being one of the tallest, scariest of water slides, the Insano calls for a bit of insanity to egg you on. The slide is a jaw-dropping 41-meters high and is as tall as a 14-storey building. Featuring an almost perpendicular drop, riders descend down at speeds reaching almost 65 miles an hour. Whoa!

The drop is said to be so steep that the rider tends to be mid-air most of the time, making you feel like you’ve jumped feet-first into space with nothing attached on to save you. Although the slide plummets 41 meters, the ride is over in about 4 to 5 seconds. If you’re wondering about the impact you’re going to feel at the end, you needn’t worry. The slide smoothly levels of towards the end, reducing your speed and depositing you safely inside a cool, relaxing swimming pool.

Leap of Faith


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Although sufficiently scary, this is the only slide on the list that I would pluck up the courage to try. Why? Because to make up for its scariness, this slide has an extremely scenic setting and starts from the top of a life-size replica Mayan Temple. I would brave the plunge just to experience what it would feel like to glide down the center of a beautiful Mayan Temple. The slide is 60-foot long and has a near-perpendicular plunge. You descend at breakneck speed, with little time to soak in your surroundings or the scenic sights in the vicinity.

Hang on thrill-seekers, the ride is not over yet. If you thought this was all the slide had to offer, you’re wrong because now comes the part that explains why the slide was named ‘Leap of Faith’ in the first place. Once you complete the 60-foot drop, you enter into an acrylic tunnel that passes through the center of a shark-infested lagoon. As you stream through this tunnel at high speed, you can actually see Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks swimming around you! How cool, sorry, scary is that!

This was about crazy water slides. But for adventure junkies, this might fail to suffice. So, if you’re the kind of person who is constantly on the lookout for thrills, here are 5 activities that are sure to keep you busy:

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