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Have you Ever Eaten Here? 6 Unique Dining Experiences from Around the World

Does the statement, “Let’s go out for dinner” fail to make you happy anymore? That’s probably because you’ve been visiting really boring restaurants! Some of the finest chefs and inventors in the world have come up with unique, bordering on bizarre, restaurants to help you enjoy an ‘out-of-this-world’ dining experience. Here are 6 such restaurants that really caught my attention, not always in a good way though!

Where’s the Waiter?! (Germany)

All those jerks who get a kick out of yelling at waiters are surely not going to like this place. Guess why? Well, because there aren’t any waiters here! Situated in Nuremberg, Germany, ‘s Baggers Restaurant is one of those futuristic places that prove that science can go hand in hand with anything. At this Hi-tech eatery, you’ll have to place your orders via a touch screen, collect your dishes and drinks of rails that run from the kitchen to each table and dispose of used dishes by yourself. (A good lesson in self-help, I think) The best part about this place is that service is extremely efficient, with food reaching your table in minutes. Visit this restaurant and experience what it would feel like to be a part of those cool sci-fi films. Pretend to be Jetsons or James Bond, whoever you think it’s cooler, rather safer, to be!


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Spa dining, could you have a finer dining experience? (Japan)

Have you ever been in that agonizing situation when you’re legs are aching after a tiring day, and your girlfriend insists on going out for dinner because she has to get away from her pest of a boyfriend? Well, here is a restaurant that you would love to visit (even though it’s in Japan) when you’re faced with such a situation. Welcome to Pub Paradise, a restaurant that fuses a satiating dining experience with the relaxation one experiences in spas. Seated at the bar in this restaurant, you can immerse your feet in warm water and mineral salts while devouring your meal. The Pub also has a rock flooring that is said to touch pressure points on your feet and improve circulation and health. As if this wasn’t enough to thoroughly pamper our feet and ego, Pub Paradise also offers reclined dining at floor level so you can rest back, relax and enjoy your meal like an Arabian princess.


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Famished? Chomp down on the menu! (Chicago)

Presenting chef Homaro Cantu, a self-proclaimed environmentalist who dislikes paper so much that he actually created edible menus. Yes, menus that can be eaten (in case you weren’t aware of the meaning of the word ‘edible’) How does he do this? By creating a modified inkjet printer that has cartridges loaded with fruit and vegetable concoctions instead of ink! He then uses this modified printer to print on sheets of soyabean and potato which are further baked, fried or frozen. What do you do with the menu once you’re done placing your order? Well, just rip it into pieces and add it to your soup. (At least, this is what this environment-friendly chef advices you to do.) Tasty, right?


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When it gets as good as gold (Milan)

If you love gold as much as king Midas did, here’s a restaurant that will draw you to it like a flame draws a moth. Introducing the Gold Restaurant, a concept restaurant created by Dolce & Gabbana, where the interiors are made of, you guessed it, gold! However, the Midas in you might feel a little cheated as the gold isn’t real. (All that glitter’s isn’t gold, right?) This sophisticated restaurant boasts of chic, exquisitely designed gold-hued interiors that reek of opulence and luxury. The restaurant has a bistro, coffee room, lounge bar and restaurant. If the golden interiors haven’t spoiled you enough, you can go on a luxurious shopping spree, offered by the restaurant and carry home your goodies in chic gold shopping bags!


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Dropping bombshells and Shawarma (Beirut)

‘Buns and Guns’ is a war-themed restaurant in Beirut. All you action/destruction lovers, this is the place to go to. Complete with bullet-shaped menus and dishes with ammunition-inspired names (they have a sandwich called ‘Kalashnikov’) this place is not for the faint-hearted, especially for those who have a tendency to quake and shiver when they hear the sound of gunshots or explosions. Why? because in this place, you won’t hear the lilting melodies of Mozart or Verdi playing in the background. Instead you’re going to hear the rattling sounds of bomb explosions. The war field ambience and the fact that the staff too are dressed in military costumes makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a terrifying, death-dealing battlefield, where you instead of running for cover, are out in the open ordering kebabs! Such a wonderful feeling, right?


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A commodefull of food! (Taiwan)

Think it’s disgusting? Wang Tzi-Wei, the owner of ‘Modern Toilet’ chain of restaurants, doesn’t think so. This creative soul has come up with bathroom-themed restaurants to celebrate toilets, and all that one finds in them. These restaurants serve food out of miniature urinals and toilet bowls and have showerheads adorning the walls! As if this wasn’t loo-ny enough, they have faeces-shaped lights and the chairs are actually out-of-order commodes. You can even take home the plastic urinals and toilet bowls as souvenirs, and gross out your dinner guests by serving them food in these souvenirs the next time you throw a dinner party! How appetizing!


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Which restaurant are you going to visit first?

Just a word of advice to first-date goers; Steer clear of the Modern Toilet Restaurant. You’re date might not find this choice of place very flattering.

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