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5 Interesting Workouts that help you Stay Fit the Fun Way

Bored of going to the gym day in and day out? Are you looking for a way to spice up your exercise regimen? Here are a couple of fun routines that promise to burn calories without making you feel like you’re working out. Many of them combine two or more forms of exercise to create a routine that is more intense and rigorous and burns double the amount of calories! Read on to know more about these unique and interesting exercise routines.


This new yoga style invented by Carlos Rodriguez, a yoga instructor in New York City, combines the fast and fiery elements of Capoeira, (a Brazilian martial arts form) Vinyasa yoga, (a yoga discipline that focuses on postures and breathing) and modern dance movements. This high-intensity cardio workout is said to burn over 800 calories in every one-hour session! Typically practiced in a hot room, this vigorous, fun-filled workout melts body fat as quickly as butter melts on a hot pan!


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Love dancing? Then this fun workout is perfect for you. With a more holistic approach than Zumba, this dance form focuses on total body fitness, proper nutrition and a positive outlook as well. Invented by Columbian native Kike Santander, this cardio dance workout features high-energy dance moves which are performed to an array of music genres, from Latin and hip hop to African and Bollywood! These spirited choreographed dance routines promise to burn up to 400 calories per class!


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Another workout that is actually a kind of choreographed dance routine with power-packed dance moves, Doonya helps you work up a sweat while having fun. The routine is set to peppy, zingy Bollywood music and ensures that you lose oodles of weight in a couple of classes. This fun workout helps you dance your way to fitness, literally!


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Trampoline Yoga:

If you thought trampolines were for kids, you thought wrong. Many fitness experts are making mini-trampolines a fixture in their gyms and are coming up with workout routines that make use of this bouncy prop. Trampoline yoga, as the name suggests, involves performing yoga postures on a trampoline instead of a yoga mat. The bobbing trampoline allows for a greater range of movements, thereby promoting flexibility. The inclusion of the bouncing trampoline gives the workout a play-like quality making it a great stress buster and fun way to stay fit!


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This high-energy workout tones muscles, increases stamina and burns calories. It fuses powerful, swift and agile boxing moves with flexible, sculpting Pilates postures to create a workout routine that strengthens and tones muscles and increases agility. The swift, powerful and vigorous moves burn up to 900 calories every class! The best part about Piloxing is that it makes you feel like a total badass, a Lara Croft if you may, ready to take on the baddies in our big, bad world.


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This was about toning your body from the outside. However, in order to enjoy all round health and fitness, you need to care for your body from the inside as well. To achieve this, you must pay special attention to your diet. Here is a helpful article that tells you about the kind of foodstuffs you should consume in order to enjoy good health and beautiful skin.


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