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8 Cool Things to Do while Watching an IPL Match

1. Invite friends over (Supporters and rivals)

Unless you’re a sociopath, you’ll know that watching a match onscreen becomes truly enjoyable only when you’re surrounded by cheering, booing spectators. So, invite friends over by the dozen, even the annoying ones. Also, remember to invite friends who are ardent fans of the rival team. Now you’ll have someone to boo at and show the middle finger too!

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2. Sport your team’s colours, or impersonate your favourite player

Wear clothes that sport your team’s colours. Even if an old underwear is all you have in the shade, wear it proudly. You could go a step further and wear a mask of your favourite player. Now, go a jig whenever he comes on screen.


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3. Cheer for your team like a monkey experiencing a sugar rush

Be vociferous, vocal and vigorous when cheering your team on. Forget about aged neighbours and sleeping babies, it’s the IPL season, so yells and yowls will be forgiven. Clap, wolf-whistle and scream “Whattashot!” as loudly as your vocal chords permit!


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4. Eat. Pray. Bet.

All three are equally important.

Eat –After all the activity, you’ll need to give your energy levels a boost, so remember to keep a couple of yummy snacks at hand. Whether it’s pizza, popcorn or yummy pakoras, keep munching on mouth-watering snacks and keep hunger at bay.

Feeling lazy to go out and buy food? Order online!

Visit and order your favourite foodstuffs online. Now, indulge your taste buds without budging from your seat!


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Pray- This you have to do. Whether it involves loudly reciting the litany or whispering a silent prayer, take the Lord’s name when your team falters.

Bet- This you don’t have to do, but if you’re the kind of person who likes making a fast buck from friends, this is perfect for you! Ask your friends to place bets on their favourite team. The winner takes it all, the loser walks home shamefaced and considerably poorer! (However, try your best to keep things amiable. No fist fights and hair-pulling.)

5. Make good use of cheering merchandise

Flail, flap and wave about banners, stickers and pompoms. Crazy hairdos and vuvuzelas add to the frenzied cheering. Don’t worry about knocking your neighbour to the floor, or thumping him on the head because, when it comes to cheering, the more exuberant and spirited, the better!


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6. Create your own Cheer Chant

Remember Farah Khan’s ‘Jhumping Jhapang Jhampak Jhampak?’ You too can create one such gibberish-spouting cheer chant, or you could create a more sedate, intelligible one. A hum or whistle too will do. Just ensure that it is original and catchy. Enlist help from the self-proclaimed Indian Idols who’ve joined you to watch the match. They can finally put their talent to good use.


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7. Drink

Because all the screaming and cheering is bound to make you thirsty. Guzzle down mugs of chilled beer or soft drinks. (If you want to up your energy levels, or you want a pair of invisible wings, I would suggest Red Bull instead.) Since it’s Summer, a couple of jugs of Sangria wouldn’t hurt either!


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8. Create a victory dance or a vanquished cry (depending on your team’s performance)

This is different from the Cheer Chant, because this is to be performed only after the match is over. Depending on the results, you can perform your jubilant victory dance or your doleful vanquished cry. However, one needs to remember that both the cry and the dance must possess an infectious quality, capable of moving everyone in the vicinity to merriness or despair.


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Hope these tips make the indoor match-viewing experience more fun-filled and enjoyable. Have a blast this IPL season, even if you cannot watch the matches live!

For more tips on how to enhance your IPL match-viewing experience, other interesting articles on food and easy-to-make recipes, check out this blog:



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