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Beautiful Romantic Movie Endings, 2 States Style!

(Why 2 States style? Read till the end and you’ll understand.)

I was a closeted romantic. The reason I chose the past tense is because this article is now online and being read by many, so I’m guessing I cannot really use the word ‘closeted’ anymore. Anyway, I’m a sucker for those soppy, weepy romantic movies and an even bigger sucker for their soppy, weepy happy endings. Try as I might not to, I always end up sniffing loudly and declaring in a booming voice how glad I am that the protagonist finally found the woman/man of his/her dreams (Much to the embarrassment of those who’ve accompanied me to watch the movie.) But, that is what great romantic movies do to you. They make you forget your surroundings and suck you into the trials and tribulations of the on-screen lovers. They also make you forget that you look very stupid sighing and sniffing at the first sign of a mushy dialogue or romantic gesture.

Here are a couple of movies that have succeeded in reducing me to tears time and again and have also succeeded in consistently embarrassing those who sit down to watch the movie with me.

Pretty Woman


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Ah, this movie! If there ever was a movie that made you believe in the saying, “dreams come true,” this is it. A fairy-tale romance that has a grim, shrewd, dapper businessman fall in love with a coarse, loud, attractive prostitute- Cinderella style! I think this movie made every girl staunchly believe that there is a (rich) knight in shining armour, waiting to rescue her and that when it comes to love, anything is possible. This movie beautifully underlines the power of love and tells us that it truly can cut through barriers of caste, class and well, profession!

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind


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This movie might be a little complex to grasp, but that is only if you have below average intelligence.Anyway, I think this is a fantastic romantic movie because all of us have, at some point in time, experienced what the protagonists go through. We’ve all made mistakes in love and have been hurt so badly that we wish we could erase the entire experience, every moment, even the person. If we had a chance to know in advance what our futures with the person would be like, we probably would never enter into that relationship. However, this movie teaches us that if we feel that rare chemistry with someone, we should be brave and take the plunge.

50 First Dates


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Every girl dreams of coming across a man like Henry Roth, (Adam Sandler) a funny, good-looking bloke who never loses interest in you, no matter what. This story depicts a seasoned Casanova fall madly and, more importantly, permanently in love with a girl who has trouble with her memory. So serious is her condition that she unfortunately, cannot remember him beyond a single day. Although many established critics have criticized this movie, I still think it has a beautiful message. It tells us that relationships need to be worked on to be cemented and that true love fights against all odds, even memory loss.

You’ve Got Mail


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This movie, apart from doing a good job at tugging at my heartstrings, presents protagonists who have the best job in the world; they own bookshops! (If you didn’t know, I’m a bookworm. This should justify that seemingly absurd observation I just made.) Anyway, I think this movie is perfect for our internet-addicted generation, where we often don’t see or meet the people we chat with online. It makes us hope that our Mr. Right too might be lurking somewhere in our Twitter feeds or Facebook posts. What I love about the ending, however, is that the virtual lovers finally meet face-to-face and indulge in a non-virtual, very real kiss. It signifies that, in the end, we need real people in our lives, someone we can touch, embrace, hold, kiss.

P.S. I Love You


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I loved this movie because of two reasons. Firstly, because the female protagonist, Holly (Hillary Swank) is a lot like me, or I’m a lot like her. Second, because it has Gerard Butler. Another movie that was slammed by critics, I think this movie still gives us a relevant message when it comes to love.  This movie shows us how difficult it is to deal with the loss of a loved one, how important it is to learn to let go and how possible it is to fall in love again. By the end of the movie, we see Holly taking steps towards living a full, content life again, although she no longer has her husband by her side.

Well, this was my list of fabulous romantic movies with fabulous romantic endings. If you were a director, what according to you would be the ideal romantic ending? We give you a chance to apply your ideal ending to the movie 2 States. All you need to do is participate in this contest and tell us how you would like the movie 2 States to end. If we like your answers, you could win movie tickets, music CDs, a Garnier Pure Active gift hamper and a chance to meet Ananya

Click on this link to participate in the contest:


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