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What your Favourite Food Says About you

Since we all have such a problem discovering our true inner selves, here’s another quiz that promises to reveal hidden personality traits that you didn’t know existed in yourself. This quiz, or list rather, ingeniously marks out a correlation between your awkward habits and the foods you choose to eat.

The last such quiz I chanced upon promised to help me find out my true inner nerd-quotient. It was titled, ‘Are you a Geek or a Nerd?’ (I didn’t even know there was a difference. Besides, I didn’t think it very flattering to be told that I’m either, because nerds are just as cool as geeks, who are just as cool as my grandma.) No offense to nerds or geeks, because I’m very much the bespectacled, socially awkward bookworm.

Oh. And the results proclaimed me to be 85% nerdy and I was unceremoniously thrown into the ‘Supreme Nerd’ category. Yeah, Supreme Jerks!


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Moving on to my quiz, which promises to employ a more scientific method for inferring, here goes.

Which of these is your favourite food?

  1. A burger and fries
  2. Caviar
  3. Salad
  4. Macaroni and cheese
  5. Pizza
  6. Sushi
  7. Ice cream
  8. Bacon

The End.

As, you must’ve noticed, this is quite an odd quiz. Well, I didn’t have time to think up more questions. Now, let’s move on to what your choice reveals about you.

A Burger and Fries:



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Well, I consulted with a couple of psychologists on this one. They said that (yes, they, not me) people who chose this combination as their favourite tend to dislike risks and rarely stray out of the box. They curl up and purr like a content cat when placed in familiar, comfortable surroundings. Posed with risks or challenges, they’ll be the ones to run away the fastest and the farthest.

Also, you can ask them to take this very same quiz 50 years later and their answer will still stay the same.




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For those of you who just went “what?” these are salt-cured fish eggs… or something like that. If you just went “wow!” well, I regret to inform you that you’re a snob. (Said those very same psychologists I consulted earlier)  Anyway, you’re probably a diva, or a man diva, who loves his Armani shirt and Aldo watch and thinks his private yacht’s old school now because most of his friends own helicopters. Okay, that was a little over the top, but you get the gist, right?



Image courtesy:




Image courtesy:

First of all, I’m jealous! I mean, look at the delicious dishes on the list, and you’re still capable of selecting salad! Alright you fitness freak you. Your little-know traits are,

a)      You’re a fitness freak

b)      You have enormous amounts of self-control

c)       You really do love salad

That’s all.

Macaroni and cheese:



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You’re a purist. You swear by the adage, ‘Old is Gold,’ which is also age-old. You’ll stand nothing but the Classics, whether it be books, movies, songs or fashion. You’re the sort who snorts scornfully every time someone praises modern art, or anything modern. You’re also an emotional fool who’s a sucker for all things nostalgic. And, for you, home is where the heart is and is also where you mostly like to be.




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You’re the jovial sorts. Fun-loving and expressive, people love you as much as you love pizza. (Okay, that’s debatable.) You like socializing and are easy to talk too, when your mouth isn’t stuffed with pizza. The only time you turn unsociable is when someone asks for a bite of your pizza.




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You’re the hoity-toity sorts, who can pronounce, and more importantly, understand the meaning of terms like ‘l’art-pompier.’ You also know who Anna Dente Ferracci is. Basically, you know your art and you know your culture. You’re well-travelled and well-read and take pride in sampling the latest lah-di-dah things.



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Ice cream:



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You still love blowing bubbles and when nobody’s watching you pick your nose and smell your findings. I’m not saying you’re disgusting, I’m saying you’re still a kid at heart. Innocent and goofy, you love clowning around and still find happiness in the small things in life, like a sweet, melt-in-the-mouth ice cream.




Image courtesy: bacon.wikia

You’re a hardcore carnivore. The very thought of turning vegan gives you nightmares. You’re also quite a simple-minded person (not a simpleton, because that’s different) and you like durable, reliable things. You also have a good sense of humour, except when some doesn’t fry the bacon properly.



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Well, now that you’ve learnt about your secret inner strengths and failings, am not sure how you feel about them. If you found anything particularly offensive, I’m not going to apologize, because that group of rogue psychologists is responsible for all these findings.

For more funny articles on food, lip-smacking recipes and food-related trivia, visit this blog:


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