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Hairstyling Tips for Men: 5 Simple Steps to Help you Choose the Perfect Hairstyle

Most men don’t like experimenting with their hair. Once they find a hairstyle that suits them, they faithfully stick to it from then on. However, a new haircut can instantly transform your appearance and add oodles of style to your look. So, it’s good to experiment with a new style time and again. If you have avoided experimenting with your hair because you fear choosing a wrong cut, here are a couple of tips to help you choose the right hairstyle.


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Armed with these tips, you’re sure to feel confident enough to go ahead and try something different!

1. Understand your face shape and hair texture:

Both these factors should be considered when deciding upon a haircut. Understanding your face shape is important as this will help you select a hairstyle that balances out your features, enhancing your strengths and hiding your flaws. Also, keep in mind the texture of your hair as certain hairstyles might not suit certain types of hair. By selecting a hairstyle that suits your hair texture, it’ll be easy for you to manage and maintain your haircut. Here are some face shapes with hairstyles that will suit each shape:

A round face: To provide balance, opt for hairstyles that have leaner sides and are higher and voluminous at the top and front. Avoid very short hairstyles as they will only emphasize the roundness of your face.



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A square face: The trick here is to emphasize the squareness of your face. Choose a hairstyle that is closely cropped near the ears and is full and styled higher at the top.



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An oval face: Considered to be the ideal face shape, almost any style suits this shape. Since most styles will good on you, experiment with haircuts. Try out the ‘messy look’ or the slicked-back classic cuts. Avoid sporting heavy bangs as they might cover your features, making your face appear rounder.



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A long face: To make your face appear less long, choose a hairstyle that is long on the sides and short at the top. Also opt for one that has layers and disguises your natural hairline. For additional balance, sport a well-groomed beard. Just make sure that your beard isn’t too long as this will lengthen your face.



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A triangular face: To balance out the pointed chin and broad forehead, choose a hairstyle that narrows or reduces your forehead area and adds the illusion of width to your chin. Bangs swept to the side helps do this. Also, beards or a healthy stubble adds width to your chin.


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2. Keep in mind your lifestyle and profession:

It is important to keep your lifestyle in mind as that determines the amount of time you can spend on styling your hair. If you have a very active lifestyle or a daily schedule that is mostly packed, avoid hairstyles that are difficult to manage or require lots of styling. Similarly, it is important to keep your profession in mind too when choosing a haircut as some firms and professions don’t take too kindly to very funky hair-dos. You yourself wouldn’t easily place your trust in a banker with peacock-coloured, Mohawk-styled hair, right? Hence, give a thought to the impression your hairstyle will create on clients and customers before going ahead and choosing one.

3. Research for good examples:

Look up magazines, online articles and celebrity photographs to enlighten yourself on the hairstyles that are trending. If you wish to ape a celebrity, choose someone who has a similar facial structure as yours. Talk to fashion-conscious friends and ask for their opinions as well. Once you’ve narrowed down on a hairstyle, take it along with you when you go to get your haircut as this will help your hairstylist understand the kind of hairdo you have in mind.

4. Select a good hairstylist:

When it comes to selecting a stylist, don’t be close-fisted. Although good hairstylists are more expensive than regular barbers, they also do a much better job than them, especially if you want a fancy haircut. That being said, however, it is important to realize that just because a hairstylist charges an exorbitant amount of money, it doesn’t mean he’s good at his work. To ensure that you choose the right stylist, talk to people and read reviews before deciding on one.

5. Be open to suggestions from your stylist:

Good hairstylists are well-trained and can tell you which style will suit your hair by taking a look at your facial features and feeling the texture of your hair. Sometimes, they might suggest tweaks in the style you’ve brought along. Allow them to make these changes because, they really do know what will look best on you. Be open to improvisations and last minute changes as, coming from your stylist, they might really be needed.

Well, these were my tips to help you guys select the right hairstyle for your face. Now, moving on to some cool summer hairstyles for men. Here are two article that list down some really trendy, easy to manage hairstyles for summer. However, do keep these 5 tips in mind when deciding on one that you would like to try.

Easy to manage summer hairstyles for men by ‘The Garnier Man’

Top summer hairstyles for men by ‘The Garnier Man’



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