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6 Causes of Acne You Didn’t Think Of

Pimples are a problem that instantly gets us riled up. They are painful, annoying and leave embarrassing scars on our face. However, have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly causes acne? We might state common factors, like hereditary, stress and an improper skincare routine. However, there are other factors too that trigger pimples. These factors are such a part of our routines that we often fail to realize that they too are responsible for the dreadful pimples that spring up on our face. I’ve listed out 6 items/substances that contribute to the problem of pimples.

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As women, applying makeup is an important step in our getting-ready routines. Quite often, however, the products we use might beautify our skins momentarily, but prove to be harmful in the long run. Creams, lotions and makeup that contain mineral oil can clog pores, causing acne. To side-step this problem, opt for products that are oil-free and non-comedogenic. Also, make sure to wash your makeup brushes at least once a week as the bristles may harbour yeast or bacteria. Another important, but often ignored tip is to wash makeup off before sleeping.

Cell phones:

You might wonder what cell phones have to do with acne, right? Well, a lot. We are so addicted and dependant on our cell-phones that we insist on carrying them with us wherever we go. Whether to the park, the beach or even the washroom, we devotedly tote our phones with us everywhere. Due to this, our cell phones pick up a lot of dust, germs and bacteria. Add to this the sweat, dry skin cells and even saliva that stick to our phones when we hold them in our hands or touch them to our face. All these unhygienic substances rub off on to our face when we take a call. To avoid this, disinfect your cell phone daily by cleaning it with Clorex wipes or alcohol.

Yoga Mats / Blankets:

You might have your own personal mat, or you might rent one at your class, but, the truth remains the same; Yoga mats are a cesspool of dirt and bacteria. If you rent a mat, give a thought to the hundreds of sweaty students who might’ve used the mat before you. Besides, many of them might’ve placed their feet where you now place your head! To protect your face from the germs and dirt that infest the mat, arrange a clean towel at the end where you intend placing your head. The same applies for blankets too. While sleeping, body fluids, dead skin cells and dandruff rub off on to the blankets we use. Hence, changing your blankets regularly is imperative.


Have you noticed tiny pimples on your forehead or lining your scalp? Often, they are caused by dandruff that rubs on to your face due to hair strands repeatedly touching your forehead. Dandruff might also stick to your face when you comb your hair or if you touch your face after running your hands through your hair. These flakes of dandruff clog your skin pores, causing sebum to accumulate. Overcome this problem by controlling the cause, i.e., dandruff. Use a medicated shampoo designed to treat dandruff. Also, refrain from touching your face after combing or oiling your hair.


People have been screaming the importance of applying sunscreen from the rooftops. However, sunscreen too can sometimes damage our skin more than protect it. Sunscreens with perfumes or dyes are detrimental for your skin since these ingredients rob skin of moisture. Also, give a wide berth to spray-on products as they tend to contain high amounts of alcohol, which will irritate sensitive skin.

Chin straps:

Who would’ve thought of this, right? Chin straps, like cell phones accumulate sweat, dirt and bacteria. Whenever you slip on your helmet these substances rub off on to your face. To avoid this, wash your face before and after putting on your helmet. Also, if the chin straps are made of cloth, wash them with soap and water regularly. If they are made of a material that cannot be washed, clean them with an anti-bacterial pad before and after use.

Well, these pointers were aimed at making you aware of the causes of acne, in the hope that, you will take the necessary steps to prevent the formation of acne due to these reasons. However, if you are already riddled with the problem of pimples, here is an article to help you remove pimple marks from your face:


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