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Summertime Madness! 10 Fun Things to Do This Summer

Summer is synonymous with laziness. The soaring temperature makes us lethargic and all we feel like doing is relax on the beach, with a good book or drink, or both to keep us company. But, this is too glorious a season to be wasted by lolling about doing nothing. To help make your summer more productive and enjoyable, I’ve listed down a couple of activities you can try. They do not require much effort (don’t worry, you won’t start sweating profusely) and will surely help you appreciate this season better.

Collect Seashells / Build a Sandcastle

Get nostalgic this summer by indulging in activities you enjoyed as a kid. Pick up a plastic bucket and a shovel and head to the beach. Now, build the sandcastle of your dreams, the one you always wanted to as a kid. Don’t worry about getting sand on your clothes or wonder what people might think. Just focus on your masterpiece and enjoy the feel on sand on your fingers. Collecting seashells is another fun summer activity. Collect shells of all shapes, sizes and colours, then go home and use them to make a centerpiece or a pretty summer bracelet.

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Roast Marshmallows over a Fire

Enjoy a night outdoors. Light up a bonfire and sit around it with your friends. Now, stack up marshmallows on sticks and hand them out to your friends. Enjoy roasting the delicious, sweet marshmallows and then bite into the soft, gooey mass. The sweet, warm, sticky delight of a roasted marshmallow is truly unparalleled. To make your night more enjoyable, play a game of ‘Have You Ever’ or ‘Truth or Dare.’ If you want to avoid the exertion and embarrassment, you could while away the hours by indulging in some story telling or inviting your friends to narrate their feats of glory.


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Mix Up a Picture of Sangria

I could’ve said lemonade, but then I decided to choose something more exotic. This refreshing drink is ideal for summer and consists of wine, juicy summer fruits, a sweetener and a bit of brandy. As a summer experiment, learn how to make this drink and add your own twist to it. Now invite a couple of friends over and enjoy a drink of Sangria over some board games or a movie!

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Adventure Sports

Summer would be incomplete without indulging in adventure sports. Adventure sports provide you with the opportunity to do something exciting and adventurous. There are several adventure sports that you can try out, some are mildly crazy and some give you a spine-chilling, blood-curdling thrill! But, do try out at least one extreme adventure sport once in your life. Remember, You Only Live Once!

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Here are two articles that list out some adrenaline-pumping, extreme adventure sports:

Make a Summer Playlist

Music lovers will enjoy this activity. Create a playlist that consists of songs that you think best describe summer, or the mood and feel of this season. It could be rock, techno, jive rap or blues, choose a genre that you enjoy and create a playlist that includes your favourite artists. My summer playlist includes songs like ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ ‘Here Comes the Sun,’ ‘You Are My Sunshine,’ and lately, Lana Del Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness.’ Go ahead and create your summer playlist, then head to the beach, lie down on the sand and let your favourite songs play on loop.

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Play One of Your Favourite Childhood Games

This activity too will take you on a trip down memory lane. Play a game you haven’t played in ages, like Hopscotch, Pinning the Tail on the Donkey, Lock and Key or Fire in the Mountain. You might think it’s silly, but once you start playing, you’ll realize that these games bring back pleasant memories from your childhood. Invite your friends to play too and you’ll soon hear them talking about funny, memorable incidents that happened when playing these games years ago!

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Eat a Soft-serve Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

This is my favourite summer activity, because I absolutely adore vanilla ice cream. If you’re not a fan of vanilla ice cream, opt for a flavour you like. But, do get a cone of cold, sweet, melt-in-the-mouth ice cream. Now, take a stroll in the park or along the seashore and enjoy your ice cream. This might not sound like much, but sometimes, it’s the small things in life that give us the most happiness.

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Nap in a Hammock

Another favourite, because I love napping, and I love hammocks! Impersonate Jughead and enjoy a restful snooze in a hammock. It’ll be great if you can tie your hammock between two trees on a beach. If you’re not in the mood for a nap, enjoy a good book or a yummy snack while relaxing in your hammock.

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Lie on the Grass and Stargaze

On most summer nights, the sky is beautiful. Clear, cloudless and full of stars, stargazing during summer is a heavenly experience. Lie down on a freshly-mowed lawn and stare up at the sky. The scintillating aroma of freshly-cut grass and beauty of a star-filled, expansive sky will overtake your senses. Do try this once, this experience might take up a place in your ‘best experiences’ list.

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Swim in a Lake

Go for a swim, not in your man-made community pool, but in a lake, because the experience of swimming in a lake is so much more enjoyable. Use a tire instead of a float and try your hand at fishing when you’re bored.  Go skinny dipping if you’re alone and the lake is in a secluded area. Enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer and revel in a bit of summer madness!

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